Tinder Music Festival: Talent Hunt

OK Tinder addicts- we know you’re reading this. The ground came to theright.fit on the hunt for a Music Marathoner for Tinder – somebody who loves music and festivals, who is open to adventure, meeting new people and ultimately loves dating. Um.. pick me!

For you Tinder fans, you will have heard of the Festival X badge. If so, you may have seen some awesome content produced by the very cool Elke K. For those of you well past the Netflix and chill stage, you can put the Festival X badge on your Tinder profile to match you with singles ahead of your festival. So cool, but so not cool that kids these days will never endure crippling anxiety of calling your crush’s home phone and asking their parents to chat with them.

Ok I’m jealous- I’ll admit it. READ ON NEW AGE LOVE BUGS.

Through social content, theright.fit talent:
  • Encouraged people to add the Festival X badge to their Tinder profile and match with them ahead of the festival
  • Highlighted how Tinder Festival Mode enhances your festival experience at Festival X through meeting new people and finding your crowd
  • Showcased all of the fun, cool experiences you can have at Festival X via Tinder Festival Mode
  • Running a ticket giveaway through their social channels to win tickets to Festival X

The chosen talent was asked to publish a minimum of two Instagram grid posts and two Instagram stories pre and during the festival on their official Instagram channel, including one feature of the ticket giveaway.

Through content (film, photography and written editorial via media), Ground + Tinder documented the Music Marathoner’s Festival X journey with Festival Mode showcasing all the fun experiences and people they met along the way!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again- there is no one we cannot find to fill your brief. If you want talent that is genuine, authentic and simply is theright.fit, you know where we are.   

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