July 16, 2018


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Status updates, vlogging, blogging … there is a lot of content being produced and published every single second of every single day in Australia and the world over. So, how is your brand meant to cut through all of this noise and make your content stand out to relevant audiences? The answer is both really …

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July 11, 2018


It’s no secret that there is a wealth of amazing influencers to follow on Instagram at the moment. The platform certainly has experienced stellar success in the past couple of years. At theright.fit, we know that top Instagram influencers are becoming some of the greatest assets a brand can have – hence the rise of …

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July 5, 2018


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It certainly does seem to be a trending topic at the moment, the disintermediation of expensive and cumbersome middlemen in order to take control of your own affairs and activities. It’s a conversation that certainly surrounds the topic of blockchain technology and the resulting popularity of cryptocurrencies that cut out banks and even governments from …

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June 29, 2018

Understanding the Instagram Algorithm to Get More Reach

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If you’re a social marketer, the word “algorithm” might make you a bit jumpy.

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June 7, 2018

How to Work Out Like a Supermodel

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We all want to look like supermodels, but that’s only possible if we work out like them, which means regularly and quite intensely. However, this may sound hard, although it really isn’t, especially if you develop a sound workout plan and stick to it. Having this in mind, we’ve decided to give you some advice …

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May 31, 2018

The artist and the muse

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One of the great joys of any fashion moment is the story.  A good story will stay with you. It will make you see, feel or remember. Like Brigitte Bardot dancing barefoot in breton stripes in And God Created Woman. Or the great 90’s supermodels rocking “FREEDOM” 90’s style. Nonetheless, a good fashion story is …

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May 29, 2018

Extra-fraudinary influencers and fake followers

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In the wake of recent media buying scandals and concerns around production budgets and spends, transparency of media and production buying and the effectiveness of advertisers’ investments in these services is becoming increasingly important and frequently scrutinised.

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May 24, 2018

How to pitch yourself to brands

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Today’s digital environment has turned social media, webinars, networking events and even sidewalk introductions into branding’ markets where only those with quick, compelling pitches survive.

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May 23, 2018

An Industry Guide on What to Pay

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One of the top questions we are asked is “What should I charge, or as a client, what should I pay?” The question comes from seasoned veterans of the industry and newbies alike. We have put together some standard industry guide rates to help you set your budget for your next project. We understand keeping …

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May 9, 2018

Managing your jobs on theright.fit just got easier

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Managing your jobs just got easier! We’ve launched a new way to manage your jobs on theright.fit. This allows you to check in on the status of your job booking, keep track of applicants at glance and get back to work faster than ever. It is now easier than ever to manage your bookings. Review, …

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