recently spent an afternoon with a group of models learning the ropes at the Sydney Model Development. From photography to casting tips and runway lessons, it was great to see new talent blossom with the help of modelling industry professionals.

Photographer Melinda Cartmer shared these 5 tips to take to your next shoot:


  • Photographers want every shot to look different.

To get the perfect shot, photographers need different looks and positions to shoot. So it’s important to mix it up for every shot. Making subtle changes to how you position your body, facial expressions, poses etc. through a shoot is important as photographers don’t want every shot looking the same.

Change positions by shifting your weight around to change your stance, changing your eye line and where you’re looking and pose in different ways.

  • Be ready to be caught off guard.

Sometimes the best shots are those when you’re not typically posing, so be ready to be caught off guard in those natural moments when your talking, laughing, or getting into position.

  • The eyes are the window to the soul.

Your eyes tell a story and can convey a lot of emotion. It’s important to understand the brief, and bring that feeling to the shoot through your eyes.

Whether you’re feeling strong, happy, sad, sexy or fake, it’s more than likely that’s what you will convey. Think of experiences that evoke different emotions and practice expressing them so you can call on them during shoots.


  • If it feels unnatural or uncomfortable, it will look it

Not every pose is going to be comfortable or something we naturally do, and sometimes a great shot requires a pose that is anything but “natural”. Always take your time to find and relax into the pose and get into position, because if it feels forced or strange, it will look it.

  • Follow the direction of the photographer

If you are on your first ever photo shoot, it can be very daunting. So ask the photographer to give you direction on how to pose until you feel more comfortable posing on your own. The more experience you have modelling, the more the photographer will work with you, rather than just directing you on how to move. Practise posing in the mirror and keep doing test shoots to help you feel more comfortable and confident moving in front of a camera.


Covering all aspects of modelling including Jobs & Castings, Model Agencies, Social Media, Runway, Personal Organisation, Portfolio’s, Collaborations, Makeup & Hair, Posing and Taking Direction the Sydney Model Development Workshop is for aspiring young models with no experience at all, to models that are already working in the industry.

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