Walking into a room filled with enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, so spending an afternoon with a group of models learning how to walk, pose and serve at the Sydney Model Development Workshop was a joy.

Here are 5 lessons we learned for the Runway from Aussie Model Natalie Meeuwissen:

1. There is more than one way to runway

Just like there are different fashion brands, from formal to casual, sporty, sexy, luxe and fun there are many different ways to walk a runway. If you want to hit the runway you need to be able to adopt different styles, understand the unique needs of different designers and follow their direction.

2. It’s all about the clothes

There are of course exceptions to every rule, but when it comes to the runway it’s almost always all about the clothes. A model’s job is to wear the clothes and show them off whilst being careful not to distract from the outfit.

Most designers want simplicity and a steady calmness in their models. It is important for you to show your expression and strength through your eyes but the rest of your body should be neutral, straight and strong.


3. Keep a steady pace and find an eyeline

With so many models and looks to run in a show, the runway is a well oiled machine that needs to run like clockwork. It’s important to keep your pace steady and matched to the others models. To avoid distractions, pick an eyeline and stick to it. You’d be surprised how a laugh, people talking, friends and camera’s flashing can throw you off unexpectedly, your eyeline helps to ignore them.

If there is a camera at the end of the runway, focus just above it. If not, imagine there is and always look straight ahead to avoid shadows in pictures and video.

4. If something goes wrong, just keep going

You may not believe it but from a nip slip to a broken heel or falling over, much can go wrong on the runway. If something unexpected happens, keep your focus and just keep going.

Adjusting clothes that slip on the runway implies to an audience they don’t fit properly. The best thing a model can do is to keep focused and not be distracted by mishaps – Own it!

5. Practice, practice, practice

Like any skill, you need to practice. It may sound simple to say that to walk a runway you need to keep one foot in front of the other and keep a strong posture to make the collection and yourself picture perfect, but it takes work.

Practice at home, film yourself and make note of your style and any changes you could make and always hit castings, rehearsals and shows with confidence.


Covering all aspects of modelling including Jobs & Castings, Model Agencies, Social Media, Runway, Personal Organisation, Portfolio’s, Collaborations, Makeup & Hair, Posing and Taking Direction the Sydney Model Development Workshop is for aspiring young models with no experience at all, to models that are already working in the industry.

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