Models // Jacqui B + Monique R

The modelling industry can seem daunting. You have to put yourself out in front of the camera, or on stage in front of hundreds of people, not to mention all the lingo being tossed around.  When you are first starting out as a model you will find people talking to you in acronyms and phrases that make absolutely no sense whilst you stand there smiling and nodding politely.

To give you a helping hand we have put together 5 common acronyms and phrases you will hear in the modelling industry to ensure you are always at the top of your game.

1. Comp Card

This is the shortened version of your ‘Composite Card’.  Basically this is your modelling business card and will have a head shot on the front with your name and agency, and on the back a selection of photos that showcase you and your talent.  It will also include details such as your height, eye and hair colour, and contact details.

Model // Shane H

2. TFP

Time for Print is what the industry refers to when you have photographs taken and the payment method for the model or photographer is their time.  This is a fantastic way to build your portfolio when you are first starting out or getting to learn to work with different types of photographers.  It will help build your confidence without breaking the budget.


Model // Tia N

3. Paid in trade

Instead of being paid actual money for work, models are paid through a form of product instead.  This is common practice in fashion shows where models will walk for designers and be allowed to take certain pieces from new collections as a part of their time as the model.  Whilst it can be nice to be given the latest fashion accessory be careful not to always agree to jobs being paid in trade.

Model // Maia I


4. Kit Bag

A models Kit Bag is a modelling must and it is essential.  This is your bag full of everything you will need for modelling and it must go everywhere with you.  Your portfolio and comp cards must always be in your kit bag and depending on the job or the casting you are attending you should always have accessories such as nude underwear, clean heels (or shoes for the boys), basic makeup, hair product, snacks, water and sunscreen.


Model // Jordan F

5. Casting

This is a models interview for all modelling jobs.  Unlike regular interviews these are often much shorter, may require you to pose for a photo, walk for the camera, speak to a camera or do a short role play.  This is your chance to impress and really show your personality and talents and to get yourself booked for a job.  Model castings are often short and cut throat so despite how many you have been going to, you need to bring your A-game to every single casting.


Model // Phoebe P

It’s an exciting and sometimes confusing world the modelling industry but the more you learn you more you will grow into a great model.

Written by // The Model Hideout Team