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Tips to Stay on Budget When Hiring Talent

Tips to Stay on Budget When Hiring Talent

Goodbye to overspending. Hello to campaigns that stand out, without costing you an arm and a leg. Check out our four top tips to help you stay on budget when hiring talent.

We understand the importance of staying on budget when executing your campaigns - now more than ever. So we’ve made it easy for you to set and stick to your budget, all without compromising on quality. Whether you’ve got a little to work with or a lot, the following four tips will ensure you’re finding the right talent at the right price.

#1 - Check talent rates on their profile

Talent rates are visible on each talent’s profile. You can see their guide rates for an idea of what it will cost to leverage their skill areas. For example, view a talent’s rates for Instagram posts, Acting or Modelling projects, or Photography fees.

Viewing talent rates will help give you a starting point for your budget. If you see something or someone you love, you’ll know what type of budget is required and can create a budgeting strategy from the get-go.

#2 - Select ‘Open to Negotiation’

When you post a job on, you can select ‘This Project is Open to Negotiation’. This option allows you to receive a range of quotes for your job. Receiving quotes can help you find the right talent who are aligned with your vision AND your budget.

#3 - Be specific with your rate

Got a specific budget in mind? No problem. When you post a job on, you’re in control. List your project rate so talent who match the brief (and are available and interested), can apply.  A fixed rate helps you stay in control of your budget and avoid wasting time receiving quotes from talent who fall outside of your price range.

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#4 - Set your usage upfront

We’ve made it easy to list your usage rates on each job. Let talent know where and for how long you need to use content so usage costs are agreed upon and covered upfront. For example, you might list on your job that your usage will include:

  • Image and video use for 12 months
  • Image and video used in Australia & NZ
  • Image and video used for social media, online, and print

Setting your usage upfront means you can factor in all of your job’s costs without worrying about extra fees down the line. Even better, each job you post eliminates complex usage negotiations. Your rate includes your usage fees and automatically creates the relevant contracts. That’s why is the simple and cost-effective way to stay on top of your costs.

Set your usage for talent content

Need a refresher on invoicing? Click here to learn how payments and invoices work on

Congratulations! You’ve got all the skills you need to hire incredible talent within your budget.

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