Everyone knows it’s true. Not all photographers are created equal. Granted, there are plenty of every-day folk and even Instagram influencers who fancy themselves talented enough to claim the title of “photographer”. But the truth is, just because they’ve generated a healthy amount of followers on the platform, it takes a truly talented eye to cultivate a feed worthy of our top 10.

That’s not to say that hobbyists, micro influencers and social media content creators aren’t creating amazing visuals. But if you’d like to hire a photographer or even just find a photographer in Australia for daily motivation and inspiration, then you definitely NEED to follow these amazing accounts.

Sally O’ Neil – Photographer, Food Stylist, Influencer, Blogger

Having worked on a number of wildly successful cookbooks and commercial shoots, Sally creates beautiful imagery out of her food and beverage recipes. Follow her feed and feast your eyes on delicious dishes and even get inspiration for your own meal planning.

Katherine Dorrington – Photographer, Botanical Stylist, Influencer, Blogger

Katherine is a botanical and travel enthusiast with a keen eye for styling shots that will take your breath away. Keeping an eye on her updates is also a wonderful way to get tips and tricks on how to style your own bouquets and wreaths.      

Ivy Erlinger – Photographer, Videographer, Influencer

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Ivy’s had her amazing photography skills featured in notable international publications and media. She has established herself as one of the leading talents in fashion and lifestyle photography. Follow her feed for daily inspiration.

Declan Blackall – Photographer, Videographer, Influencer

Declan has a keen eye for natural splendour and his photographs are a truly mesmerising experience. With a passion for travel, his followers are treated to aerial shots and lifestyle photographs from all over the world.

Edwin Datoc – Photographer, Videographer

Specialising in fashion, beauty, advertising and fine art, Edwin is a wildly talented photographer and filmmaker who has worked all over the world. Follow his account for a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of fashion and travel.

Haluk Baysal – Photographer, Videographer, Influencer, Blogger

Haluk is the founder and prime photographer of the renowned online art magazine/platform MINUS37. Follow his feed for some of the most artistic compositions on the platform. You’ll find yourself inspired in no time.

Peter Sedlacik – Photographer, Videographer, Model, Influencer,  Blogger











Peter is an art director, designer, and photographer in one. He studied a sound engineering, but he changed his role for advertising. After 10 years in various advertising agencies, such as Leo Burnett, McCann, BBDO, he decided to quit his job and left Europe for Sydney.

Morgan Macleod – Photographer, Videographer

Morgan is a talented photographer and videographer who has a portfolio of incredible beauty, fashion and travel shots. Follow her account to keep current with trends in both the world of fashion and the modelling industry.

Natasha Killeen – Photographer, Videographer, Stylist

With a unique and dynamic vision that is steeped in the creative arts, Natasha creates colourful and emotive fashion imagery. Whether working in creative editorial or campaigns, her work is vibrant and unexpected. Follow her feed and see for yourself.

Natalie Koval – Photographer, Videographer, Influencer

Natalie is a fashion and lifestyle photographer who is internationally published and on the rise in photography circles all around the world. Follow her feed for beautiful shots that simply ooze tranquillity and style.