Great content creation is much more than having an aesthetic feed. It’s about engaging your followers with likeable content which they can connect with and share.

Your followers and brands crave fun, interesting and good quality content which makes them stop scrolling and start interacting with what you have to offer. Here are our top 3 content creation tips to take your content + engagement to the next level.

1. Focus on storytelling

Storytelling on social media is a powerful art, it allows you to show your personality, emotionally connect with your followers and take your audience on a journey. In your content, show don’t tell – describe your surroundings and reveal your feelings and lead up to the ‘climax’ or the most exciting part of your content creatively. Some ideas to try:

  • Give context and create a story with your Instagram caption
  • Use stories to ask questions and involve your audience in the narrative
  • Post a video revealing the most exciting part of your content of the day

2. Invest in good gear

So you’ve got an ahh-mazing content idea, now you need to ensure you have the right gear. No matter how interesting you or your surroundings are, if the audio and video isn’t high quality and clear your followers will drop off.  Blurry images, shaky videos and muffled audio are a major turn off.

To create high quality, watchable content on the go, you really need a lightweight and compact camera which offers outstanding video AND audio. Enter the new LUMIX G100.

 The LUMIX G100 camera is a pocket-sized production powerhouse for solo content creators. With 4k video recording, flip-out screen and in-body stabilization, it oozes convenience so you can focus on the content, not the camera settings.

The best part? You don’t need to use an external mic or resize content for social anymore. Shoot effortless vlogs and images in the ratio you want, upload and voila!

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3. Start + jump on trends

Let you creativity shine and experiment with different styles of video and picture editing, and types of content. Dare to be a trend setter and see what your audience responds to. You also want to be keeping track of the social media landscape, latest news / happenings and any hot new features on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.