Being stuck at home for whatever reason can dampen your productivity. It also keeps your brain stuck, which means that work, deadlines, and meetings pile up without getting done at all.

Luckily, in this day and age, there are a plethora of apps and platforms to help you be more productive and get through any kind of day — all of which are readily available for download and use. All you need to do is find the right ones.


        Are you a digital creative or just a casual social media user stuck at home? Then Instasize is perfect for you.

Instasize is a photo editor that allows you to edit and jazz up any image before posting on Instagram. The app boasts of numerous modern filters you can play around with and choose from, as well as font and border options you can use to further improve your visual game. This is perfect for when you’re an online entrepreneur or marketer looking for ways to build your brand and attract an audience on social media — or if you’re just trying to get artsy on your ‘gram.

Looking to try Instasize? Simply download the app on your iOS app store or Google Play Store.


According to recent stats, 1 out of 4 Millennials and Gen Z-ers check out Stories before purchasing products they want to buy — which is why, if you haven’t yet, it’s high time to step it up on Instagram Stories.

Great news is that there are numerous Storytelling apps you can download on iOS or Play Store to help you get creative with your Stories. One worth checking out is Made, a story editor and collage maker you can use to edit photos or stitch images together. You can choose from dozens of templates and filters or create custom backgrounds, all to help you create a Story that’s definitely worth sharing.


It’s a little well-known fact that music can help you concentrate. The right playlist can help you get through numerous projects and deadlines, or even just help you while away the time in between meetings.

So if you’re looking to listen to your favorite tracks, create your own set, or choose from ready-made playlists, Spotify is the platform for you. It’s got a current library size of 50 million songs, so you’re bound to find something you like. Its Premium version is also ad-free, allowing you a bother-free music experience that can keep you company throughout an entire workday.


With all the million things you have to get done, it’s easy to forget a few tasks here and there. Sometimes you can even think of a great idea, then completely forget about it in a few hours or minutes.

In such situations, jotting your schedule and ideas down is a great help. Virtually every smartphone comes with its own “notes” app, but if yours doesn’t, you can download Evernote for free. The app allows you to write and save your thoughts and notes, and even share them with others. If you’re a social media marketer constantly responding to queries online, you could even write down a templated response and simply copy and paste from there.


Sometimes email correspondences are not enough. If you need to hold meetings while stuck at home, try Zoom. It’s a nifty platform that allows you to hold video conferences, web conferences, and webinars while sharing your screen.

You can have one-on-one face-to-face conversations using the app, or even hold classes or meetings with a larger audience — all with a few taps on your screen. What’s cool about Zoom is that it also allows you to change your background, so if you need to create a more professional setting, or maybe a more fun one, all you need is the right image to upload.


It can be quite difficult to concentrate on normal workdays, much more when you’re stuck at home. When music doesn’t seem enough to help jog your brain, maybe meditation is for you.

Headspace is a mental help platform that helps people be more mindful with everyday living. It has tools like stories, tracks, and breathing exercises, all geared to get you to meditate and get into the right headspace to work, sleep, or just get through the day.

Apps are meant to help make life easier, especially when it comes to working from home. But if you find that, on some days, your work becomes impossible to get through, don’t forget to take some breaks, too. Being productive is only possible when you’re physically and mentally prepped, so allow yourself some time to unwind and get yourself in the right mood to take on your next set of deliverables.