Lyndl Kean, Influencer & Model, TikTok star

Sarah Tan, Strategy Director at 72andSunny

If you are a marketer then you’ve heard of them, GEN Z. The powerful generation built on choice, a generation of savvy and educated consumers who expect more at a rapid pace.

They are the generation who know how to cut through the bullS%&&& when it comes to marketing and advertising, they are a generation of lie detectors who are challenging brands to be authentic and to engage with them in a meaningful way. 

They are a mighty generation and one that all brands and Marketers should be working to inspire and engage…. So how do you do this? How do you really get to know GEN Z and more how they like to communicate and interact with one another?

How do you TikTok if you weren’t born without God like coordination? 

As always, we’ve got you covered thanks to our community of experts who have tackled this MUST KNOW topic for you…