December 20, 2023

Webinar Recap: Get Paid to Create in 2024

In our recent ‘Get Paid to Create in 2024’ webinar this December,'s —Talent Assistant Ian and Influencer/Social Specialist Jenny Zhou—unleashed a powerhouse of practical tips and ingenious hacks. Their mission? Empower creative minds, like yours, to seamlessly transform passion into paychecks.

Delving deep into the art of crafting a standout profile on, Ian and Jenny analysed invaluable insights on making yourself a magnet for brands. Read on as we dive into a comprehensive recap of our webinar, ensuring that every key insight becomes an integral part of your creative journey to take into 2024. Let's get ready to turn our webinar inspiration into action—your future success awaits you!


  • How to make a good bio on
  • Maximise efficiency through batch content creation
  • Authentically incorporate trends
  • Be Adaptive

1. Steps to making a good bio on!

a) Introduce yourself!

Start with a simple one-liner including your name, location and what best describes your content or who you are. This breathes life into your profile and brings a personal connection with potential clients/brands. Feel free to add any fun facts that will help you stand out! 

b) Reveal your niches and distinguish yourself as a content creator.

Many of us span various categories, not all evident at first glance. Showcase your unique touch or the direction you want to take your content toward—whether it's family content with the joys of parenthood, delightful pet moments, or any special beauty trends, cooking recipes, or try-on hauls. Also, a reminder to regularly keep your biodynamic with life updates; for instance, transitioning to a 2024 bride opens doors to bridal content opportunities, or your next year's travel adventures may become your new aesthetic. Your evolving narrative not only reflects your authentic journey but also attracts diverse job opportunities that might have been overlooked.

c) Showcase your track record by highlighting past campaigns and brand collaborations.

This gives clients a glimpse into your niches and flexibility and assures them that you are a trusted and sought-after content creator. Include brand ambassador roles, affiliates, events, and even social media management work to paint a comprehensive picture of your expertise and credibility in the industry.

Now that you've got the roadmap, let's dive into creating content that magnetises the brands you're eager to collaborate with. Are you feeling curious about some killer content creation hacks? Don't worry, we've got your back!

2. Batch Create Your Content

  1. Designate a consistent day every week exclusively for filming 2-3 videos or capturing a range of diverse looks. This routine ensures a steady stream of content creation.
  2. Infuse versatility by experimenting with hairstyles and having an additional outfit handy. This practice adds a fresh appeal and prevents monotony in your content.
  3. Utilise spare moments during the week to meticulously edit your content. This approach maximises efficiency and quality in your final creations.
  4. Keep a reserve of draft videos on IG and TikTok that are poised for quick edits with trending songs. This strategic preparation enables you to swiftly align your content with ongoing trends, enhancing its relevance and engagement potential.

3. Authentically Incorporate Trends

You don’t have to change your style and niche just to fit into trends and ‘go viral’, take aspects from a trend that works for you. The easiest way is to use trending audio/songs in your videos - these are easy to edit to vlogs, OOTDs, travels, GRWM and DIML.

For example, the ceiling trend where people tape their phones to the ceiling and groove to Surround Sound by JID, Jenny incorporated this trend into a recent collaboration with mattress company Ecosa. She only used the filming angle part of the trend to show a bird's eye view of setting up the bed. The brand loved the incorporation of this trend, but it was still true to her style and they were able to seamlessly use it in their marketing.

Whether it’s a filming angle, transition, colour or a song, incorporate the parts of a trend that work for you into your content. When creating content for a brand, ask if the client/brand is open to you using trending audio or incorporating a particular trend; most times, they are more than happy to! You can also provide two versions of your content, one with trending music and one with copyright-free music, for the brand to use

You don’t always have to be the first to hop on a trend either; what’s trending on TikTok will typically filter through to Instagram 1-2 months later.

4. Be Adaptive

Harness the power of seasons and holidays, especially during prime campaign periods like Christmas starting in November. Showcase your festive creativity through themed content, whether it's holiday outfits, gift guides, or home decor. This serves as a portfolio and signals to brands your readiness for seasonal collaborations. Keep an eye on local events for timely content that resonates. Remember, your social media is your best portfolio, reflecting authenticity and high-quality content that aligns seamlessly with brand values.

Missed our insightful webinar? Catch up now and level up your knowledge! Watch the video here

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