There really is no disputing that the last two decades have seen the advertising industry evolving in leaps and bounds. Nowadays, when planning a campaign, you can access a diverse range of talent to promote your brand. Whether you require fashion models, advertising models, curvy models or even event models, agencies can provide extensive portfolios representing a wide variety of talent.

However, recently a new type of model has emerged and these talented individuals have taken the world of marketing and advertising by storm. We, of course, are talking about the influencer model. These influencers can meet all of your modelling requirements AND talk authentically about your brand on social media channels.

The New Age Of Modelling

After all, it’s no secret that social media has become a crucial part of any brand’s campaigns. And when you work with these types of social media influencers, you’ll also be extending the reach of your brand message to their existing audiences. This can sometimes mean thousands and thousands of additional consumers seeing your campaign.

At the end of the day, this can be the perfect alternative for brands to generate a larger and more relevant audience. Instagram models are a perfect example of this type of marketing. With the platform now reaching more than 500 million users around the world, it’s no surprise that popular Instagram influencers can directly affect consumer behaviours thanks to their large networks and notoriety.

In fact, many brands are finding that when they form relationships with popular influencer models that these people are able to authentically engage audiences about their products and services. Over time consumers have become tired and frustrated with advertisements being displayed to them time and again. Influencer marketing cuts through this fatigue!

Under The Influence

With some careful social strategy, models can now grow significant followings overnight, giving them huge leverage that brands can use to reach the masses who would otherwise ignore their campaigns. Platforms like Instagram have empowered models to directly engage with fans and speak about their favourite brands. Your marketing team can benefit greatly from this increased exposure and engagement spurred on by an influencer.

If you’d like to know more about integrating this kind of influencer marketing into your brand’s marketing efforts, consider platform in Australia. You’ll be able to source social media influencers and a range of other talents with just a click of a button or a tap of your screen! It’s that simple. Try it for yourself.