The Importance of Visual Elements in Your Brand Strategy

Status updates, vlogging, blogging … there is a lot of content being produced and published every
single second of every single day in Australia and the world over. So, how is your brand meant to cut
through all of this noise and make your content stand out to relevant audiences? The answer is both
really simple but also really layered. You absolutely have to go visual if you want to make an impact.
But why?
Think about it, every status update on Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn would look exactly the
same if not accompanied by some sort of visual. This means that in a digital age where people are
constantly scrolling at the speed of light, it’s really difficult to get someone to pause on just a text-
based post or advert. It’s no surprise then that some of the most popular digital watering holes to
date are based purely on visual content alone, like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. After all, our
brain processes visuals 60, 000 x faster than text. It’s a “no-brainer” really.

The great news is that there is a wide variety of visual content to choose from. Brands can use
images, videos, slideshows and even GIFS to create something eye-catching and targeted to the
people they want to attract with their message. At the end of the day, this is the best way to ensure
that curious shoppers turn into loyal customers or interested prospects become long-term clients;
get their attention, establish trust and then convert them.

Of course, it’s not as easy a just throwing any old visual out there. You need to ensure that your
brand is producing relevant, engaging visuals that speak to the context of your audience. You need
videos, photos, graphics, designs, and even influencer marketing, that bridges the divide between your offering and the audience you’re trying to attract.

You can always hire a photographer, Instagram influencers, social media content creators and even actors for hire, who can produce highly relevant and consistent content for you. Think about producing eye-catching photographs showing off your product or service, using inspiring quote cards, creating engaging videos or branded images, as well as interesting data visualisations and

The opportunities are endless. If you’d like a quick, convenient way to source these types of skills and content creators, don’t
hesitate to browse the talent available on platform. Whether you want to hire a videographer or dabble in influencer marketing, you’ll find the solution you need, within the budget you have, in no time at all.

Try it, you’ll love the results!