Everything you need to know to pull off a photo shoot, from creating a brief to sourcing talent  

Organising a photo shoot yourself from the start of planning, to the finish of the actual shoot can be a stressful project.  

You know what you want, you just don’t know how to put it all together.   

We have developed a detailed one-stop guide complete with all the tips and tricks to help you achieve your most successful photo shoot every time.     

Effective and adequate time and effort put into your planning and preparation will ensure you reap your most deserved and satisfying results from your shoot. Fashion photography is like visual storytelling. You want to encapsulate your specific idea to your own creative style.  Exploration and trial and error of different, unique ideas in fashion photography are super important elements in developing your clarity and skills.

Ensuring you put together an effective and efficient team that you can communicate smoothly with, will help eliminate unwanted stress, mistakes and anxiety of the entire process. The more you do it, the better you will develop your skills and abilities for a successful photo shoot.  


Outline The Purpose of The Shoot Clearly  

Deciding on a purpose will not only help clarify the operational details and organisation of the project, but it will inform the team of the end goal they are working towards.  Ask yourself some questions like: 

Who is your target audience that you are endeavouring to appeal to? 

What is the why behind the shoot? Will these photos be sent to publications or are they simply to build up your portfolio?

How will the shoot benefit you and your goals?

This is the time to be direct and upfront with what you want to achieve from the shoot, which will ensure coherency from your team.  


Develop a Concise Brief  

What is the narrative you want the end result of the photoshoot to express? 

Putting in the work and planning before the photoshoot takes place is worth the effort, to ensure everything will run cohesively and effectively. 

Develop a well thought concept of what you want and where you see the photoshoot going. This will not only benefit you, but your whole team so everyone is clear on what is expected.  

Topics that are typically discussed in the brief are:  

  • the purpose 
  • style/mood of the shoot 
  • location 
  • lighting 
  • theme and time period if already decided 
  • styling, hair and makeup 

Make certain that you keep the brief short, sharp and to the point so it is easy to understand.


Design a Mood Board

Previously as you developed your photoshoot concept while creating the brief, you will now be able to make visual image references that relate to the concept. The visual moodboard you create will coincide with the words in your brief.  

Mood boards are an essential ingredient in any collaboration as it helps direct the team towards the common goal.  

Look back at your description of the brief and find some keywords that relate to the shoot and what you are expecting to achieve. With these key words you can browse the internet on sites such as tumblr, pinterest and google to create your visual summary; your mood board.  


Find The Right Fit for Your Team     

It is important that you find the right like-minded people to work with that will positively contribute to the photoshoot and what it represents.

Living in this day and time, with the rise of social media and the internet, it has never been easier for brands to collaborate with talent. 

theright.fit can help you match the right people with the right job.  

Our platform is an efficient and cost effective way you can find the most suitable photographers, models, hair and makeup artists and stylists for your shoot. Just send over your brief, purpose and mood board, and leave the rest to us! 


Schedule Your Date and Establish Your Location 

Choose a location that is suitable and relevant to your brief and contributes to the story. If things do not go to plan such as in the case of bad weather, it is always great to have a backup location. 

Establishing a date and giving at least two weeks notice to your team will ensure that you get the desired and most suitable talent and location for your shoot. Being organised and well prepared is key to a successful photoshoot. 

As they say, fail to prepare or prepare to fail! 


Successful Shoot Day! 

Hopefully you are well prepared and organised by following through with the previous steps, and now it is time to let the story evolve. Trust that all your effort will help you have a cohesive and successful shoot.

Enjoy it, and don’t forget to breathe! This is the time to collaborate, share ideas and overall create a quality experience.   


Bonus tips for after the shoot: 

Don’t forget to backup and save your photos on a computer and hard drive to keep them safe. Review the photos and decide on the right ones that encapsulate your brief. Share your creativity and be grateful for yourself, and the people that contributed to this amazing experience and outcome.


How can we help?

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