LUK Beautifood // Laura Andon, Madelin Tomelty and Angus McGuigan

  • Wed 31st May 2017

“To promote a natural brand so refreshingly unique, with a distinctive point of difference – lipstick made from food – you need to nail fresh, authentic and natural talent.”

The Brief:

When creating their newest Lip Nourish Campaign, Cindy Lüken, founder and CEO of lük beautifood and her Creative Director, Daynor Missingham of Label knew exactly where to source two ‘Natural Beauties’ who genuinely embody the brand’s philosophy of highlighting and not hiding your natural beauty. 

Working closely with Daynor, and her crystal clear brief, we helped deliver exactly what lük beautifood desired in professional surfer and mum, Laura Andon and fresh faced travel blogger Madelin Tomelty.

The Talent:

2 x Natural beauties who could embody all that LUK stands for

1 x Videographer to capture all the behind the scenes action


$1500 flat fee per talent

Time From Post To Talent Booked:

2 Days, A super quick turn around for a huge campaign like this one!

Key Highlights

  • A fast booking process meant that talent were locked in well before the campaign shoot
  • Angus, the videographer, was able to capture behind the scenes footage which added for an extra amount of content for LUK
  • Professional models as well as cutting edge equipment from Angus


“With Laura and Madelin we not only had our perfect Natural Beauties, they also shared a deep affinity with the beauty of food and the knowledge of what goes on our bodies also goes in. Taryn and the team did more than match us with two very talented women, they created an enduring connection of values and lifestyle that created a memorable and very successful day and shoot”

-Nicole Hatherly, LUK Beautifood

Check out the rest of the photos below! 


screen-shot-2017-04-10-at-5-58-24-pm screen-shot-2017-04-10-at-6-06-02-pm

  • Wed 31st May 2017