Case Studies


“I’m really happy with the outcome and am feeling really positive about the collection – it’s always a relief to see it all together!“ The Brief:  Swimwear and Summer go hand in hand, so with such a big, brand spanking new collection it was a no brainer that we could help Allerton Swim by providing […]
  • Wed 31st May 2017


Case Overview : AAMI posted job on our platform looking for strong, sporty and active females for their international women’s day campaign “HER TO HERO”. They wanted real women who could portray the can do attitude of our athletes and we were able to provide 3 confidently beautiful women inside and out who have a serious passion for […]
  • Wed 31st May 2017

LUK Beautifood // Laura Andon, Madelin Tomelty and Angus McGuigan

“To promote a natural brand so refreshingly unique, with a distinctive point of difference – lipstick made from food – you need to nail fresh, authentic and natural talent.” The Brief: When creating their newest Lip Nourish Campaign, Cindy Lüken, founder and CEO of lük beautifood and her Creative Director, Daynor Missingham of Label […]
  • Wed 31st May 2017


As the warm weather typical of an Australian summer kicked in, so too did the popularity of the outdoor cinema experience. Watching a movie outdoors, from the comfort of hammock style chair during sunset = PERFECT. Ben and Jerry’s posted an ad for just that reason, looking for a heap of fun influencers to attend […]
  • Mon 13th Feb 2017

BRAS N THINGS- The power of social influencers

It’s no secret that social media has blown up over the past few years and along with it, the age of the social media influencer. Essentially, using influencers in collaboration with your brand allows you to create a relationship with an influencer. The influencer will then in turn promote the product and create relationships for you […]
  • Mon 6th Feb 2017

Tiger Beer Campaign // The Power of The Modern Influencer

Influencer marketing is becoming an integral part of the marketing mix. Coined as the modern version of “word of mouth” they have the ability to deliver on social chatter, earned media, and action. Now more than ever, we are seeing brands come to us to for influencers that can: Attend and snap Instagram photos at […]
  • Tue 20th Dec 2016


LG’s latest national campaign required diverse actors to recreate authentic, everyday moments in Australian households. The campaign was cast through, which gave the production team the opportunity to connect with over 5,000 top tier talent with different looks, ethnicities, ages and skills. Without agencies and middlemen, using saved the production team significant time, […]
  • Tue 6th Dec 2016

Rebel Muse

Rebel Muse, an Australian fashion destination, launched a competition on to ‘Find the Face’ of Rebel Muse’s Winter Styling. The winner was a perfect fit as the Rebel Muse woman. Both parties were extremely happy with the final images and the talent shared them on her own social channels at no extra charge. This […]
  • Tue 6th Dec 2016


Tuscan Tan, Australia’s premier spray tanning company, used to book their 2016/2017 campaign. The campaign was cast, booked and shot within 5 days. It was a cost saving of over 75% for the brand. The talent went on to become a brand ambassador and helped them to create compelling content on an ongoing basis. […]
  • Tue 6th Dec 2016

Hellofuture TV Casting Success

Hellofuture TV is a video centric company that works with brands and agencies to develop and produce outstanding and compelling content marketing. Emily Bull, Executive Producer and strategist of Hellofuture TV called upon our services to help cast 9 video spots for Jacob’s Creek. When it comes to casting for adverts, Emily is no stranger to our platform. […]
  • Mon 5th Dec 2016