AANA regulates influencers. Have they got it right?

For me it’s a great indicator of how Influencer Marketing is being recognized as a valid marketing channel. It’s yet another byproduct of how the internet and social media has transferred the power into the individual’s hands. Youtube and music apps like Spotify have helped musicians to publish their works without having to strike a […]

What You Need To Know Before You Start Working With Influencers

Did you know that 94% of marketers believe Influencer Marketing to be an effective tactic? I don’t think thats a figure that happens anywhere else in advertising. 87% see it as an effective way of creating authentic brand content, and advertising spend on Influencer Marketing is set to double in 2017. So, how can you engage […]

Can you still be Disruptive in a Disrupted Age – SMWY Group

Recently, our very own Taryn Williams was a guest speaker at Pause Fest in Melbourne. Check out the video below for tips and tricks from all the experts! “There’s no doubt ‘disruption’ has become the buzzword of modern entrepreneurialism. This panel discussion will focus on what some of Australia’s leading tech and digital entrepreneurs see […]

Episode 57: Femmes D’Inspiration Conversation with Taryn Williams

  A former international model and event producer, she founded WINK Models in 2007, a leading commercial modelling agency now with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, over 650 talent and an annual turnover in the millions. Approached by an agency at 15, Taryn Williams started her career in front of the lens, travelling the […]

Goal Digger: Taryn Williams of WINK Models & The Right Fit

Have you ever been in a job or industry and thought “there’s a better way to do this if only someone would make it happen?” Well, that’s exactly what happened with this Goal Digger, except she saw the opportunity and ran with it. Taryn Williams spent nine years as a model and, realising the industry needed […]

Whats up Down Under? Let's have a look at 16 promising Australian startups

  “Australia is home to many startups, and these are some of the most promising ones that are expected to continue performing well. These companies have all demonstrated tremendous growth in a relatively short amount of time. They are expected to continue their growth, and as such, they should be recognised for their success:” View the […]


Check out Taryn’s contribution to this post from The Entourage: There’s a heightened romanticism around entrepreneurship that often impacts our sense of reality in the early days of starting a business. The ‘hollywoodised’ version of startups would have us believe that’s it’s all about building an app, making millions overnight and then sitting back on a […]

REPOST HUSSKIE: Influencers get regulated… What does this mean and is it right?

There’s a change in the air when it comes to influencer marketing in Australia, but the move is facing industry reservations due to its one-size-fits-all approach. This March 1 sees advertising industry regulatory body AANA’s updated Code of Ethics come into play, with the new guidelines forcing influencers to declare sponsored content as paid advertising. Penning […]

AANA's #ad ruling should just be the start

Good one, AANA. Holding influencers accountable for clarity when it comes to brand promotions on social media. I genuinely believe that this is a good step forward. But it’s also just the beginning. The beginning of fragmentation brought about by this ruling which I truly hope can be brought back together by the very ruling […]

Head Honcho: Taryn Williams, The Right Fit

In an industry based around being the right size, image, cut and colour for the brand you’re working with, modelling can be a difficult game to crack into. Fresh faced and 15 years old, Taryn Williams discovered this, pairing a slender frame with a sleek blonde cut while gracing the glossy pages of fashion magazines […]