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Payment Process on

At we want to ensure that you get paid for your work in a quick and timely manner. The last thing we want is for you to be up at night wondering why you haven’t been paid and if you ever will be. Thats why we have a safe, secure, and quick way that guarantee’s […]
  • Thu 19th Jan 2017

Win/Win Agreement

When we created we designed it to be the very best place to find top tier talent. We’re seeing so much creativity coming through… and loving it. We’re all for the collab and fully support people getting ahead in their careers. And that’s no different for TFPs and unpaid work. We want to make […]
  • Fri 13th Jan 2017


As talent of we want you to be ahead of the game. As such, you may have noticed a new button appear on your talent profile which says ‘Request a Photographer’. We have implemented this because at we love keeping the standard super high, and therefore the photos on our site need to […]
  • Thu 12th Jan 2017


We’re a start up too, we know the ‘joys’ of #StartUpLife (OR #TightBudgetLife). We love to support other small businesses, we’re all about sticking together! So we have organised a SPECIAL OFFER just for you 🙂 Any job you book between now and the end of March, we’ll waive our fees. That’s right! 100% off […]
  • Wed 11th Jan 2017


Everyday we are looking for new ways to make it easier for our clients to book the wide range of talent we have available. We want you to have a great experience and believe that finding the very best talent that you connect with is a crucial part of building this. At the we […]
  • Wed 11th Jan 2017


Photo: Lifestyle S As always, a new year brings with it new resolutions. We had a chat with our CEO and #girlboss Taryn Williams about the resolutions she’s set for herself this year. Take note of these ones, Taryn knows what she’s talking about! Disconnect to reconnect After attending Summit at Sea and being trapped on […]
  • Tue 10th Jan 2017

Sharing personal details over

Thanks again for being part of We’re loving having you with us. We just wanted to give you a reminder about our policies on sharing personal information with a potential client.  Our system will notify us (and you) if you try to share personal details before you are booked. We want to make it […]
  • Thu 5th Jan 2017


Styling – Daunting and Expensive. We want you to show you, it doesn’t have to be! We all know that your first test shoot (or any test shoot for that matter) can be a bit daunting. We wanted to share some of the industries styling tips and tricks to help you nail it. Topline shots […]
  • Wed 14th Dec 2016

It is not just another accessory, that new handbag may be a tax deduction

Some recent comments from the Australian Tax Office (“ATO”) have been music to the ears of equality campaigners but also to the the retailers who sell the goods produced by our great fashion houses. What am I talking about? Style tips from the ATO? Not quite. The tax laws say that a person can claim […]
  • Wed 14th Dec 2016

5 modelling acronyms every model should know

The modelling industry can seem daunting enough having to put yourself out in front of the camera or on stage in front of hundreds of people, let alone trying to understand all the lingo being tossed around. When you are first starting out as a model you will find people talking to you in acronyms […]
  • Tue 13th Dec 2016