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Marketing Manager: What influencer is right for you? Influencer: Is this the right job for me?

Words by Benjamin Baker  As a brand, how do I pick the right talent? Over the last couple of years, influencer marketing is fast become a staple in many companies marketing efforts towards attract new long term customers, but how do you pick the right talent. Many companies make the mistake of assuming lots of […]
  • Sat 18th Mar 2017

Keeping the Catwalk and Canvass Free From Loss and Legal Liability

Words by Geoff Stooke  The idea that Insurance could be uttered in the same breath as the creative world of art, fashion and modelling would be enough to cause outright consternation and raise more than one neatly plucked eyebrow. However, when there is a confluence of high public foot-traffic, physical interaction, proprietary brands, design and […]
  • Sun 12th Mar 2017

SHARE YOUR PROFILE // receive 1 month free!

We have an AWESOME new deal on at the moment where if you SHARE your profile on facebook you will receive a 1 month FREE pro account. Follow these simple steps to get this amazing deal sent straight to your inbox. Don’t forget a pro profile allows you to upload up to 100 of […]
  • Mon 13th Feb 2017

FASHION FRIDAY: Tips from model and blogger CHARIS U

Coco Chanel stated that Every Woman Needs At Least One Little Black Dress, however this rules applies to over three quarters of my wardrobe and I constantly find myself reaching for something black to wear over colour. I love the summer months and hate being cold above all else, but when it comes to fashion […]
  • Fri 10th Feb 2017

HOW TO: Add a video to your profile

Adding a video to your profile is extremely important if you are sign up as an actor/videographer or even a model who has taken part in ad campaigns. It is especially crucial for actors so that clients can see your relevant skills. You are not able to send personal information over the platform including […]
  • Mon 6th Feb 2017

9 proven ways to build online community growth

Words by // DEBRA SINCLAIR With the increasing number of people and brands coming online everyday, it’s more important than ever to be seen and heard by your community. No longer can your attention be on how often you post on Facebook and Instagram, instead the focus must be on your community and how you […]
  • Fri 3rd Feb 2017

The DO's and DONT's when applying for jobs

When applying for jobs through the platform we want to make sure you put your best self forward when conversing with clients. It is always SO exciting when a client sends you an application request so we want to make sure you give them the perfect information so that they book your wonderful self! Check […]
  • Wed 1st Feb 2017

Why should I go PRO!? Keep reading..

When signing up to as talent you will be given the choice to create either a free account or a PRO account. Its awesome to be a part of family regardless, but having a PRO account allows you to upload as MANY photos as you want and apply for as MANY paid jobs […]
  • Wed 1st Feb 2017