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Gamification: Your guide to a 100% profile

So your profile says it’s only 67% complete.. or worse, even less! What do you do now? We all know 100% complete profiles are the ones that land the gigs. Here’s the sections you need to ensure you’re completing to get that profile looking like a 10 out of 10! Has uploaded profile picture  This […]
  • Tue 20th Jun 2017

5 ways to ignite your organic Facebook reach // Steph Taylor

5 ways to ignite your organic Facebook reach Facebook has been getting a pretty bad rap lately. Phrases like “algorithm changes” and “pay to play” are thrown around left, right and centre. Small businesses that invested time and money into growing their Facebook following are lucky to reach 5% of their fans these days. Those […]
  • Mon 19th Jun 2017

Fast Track to Blogging Success: Picking the Right Industry - Frank Apodaca

Fast Track to Blogging Success: Picking the Right Industry – Frank Apodaca, The Sleep Judge   Getting your work noticed to grow a business and become a success is every entrepreneur’s ultimate goal. However, why it works for some people, and not for others, has everything to do with how you get your product noticed- […]
  • Wed 14th Jun 2017

Why It's Important To Only Apply For Jobs You're Suitable For.

As the name says, is all about connecting the right talent with the right clients. When you create a profile on the platform, we ensure we get all your correct details so that we can match you to jobs that you are suitable for. When clients post a job on the platform, 9 times […]
  • Wed 14th Jun 2017

Sharing Personal Details? Why you might be getting this error message

Our system will notify us (and you) if you try to share personal details before you are booked as well as when you are creating you profile with us. Details you CANNOT share Phone Number or any numerical digits which the system might pick up as linked to a phone number Website: There is a specific […]
  • Wed 7th Jun 2017

Why start-ups get PR all wrong // Amber Daines

Amber Daines, CEO of Bespoke Communications This is an article about a naked truth. The world of PR is a marathon not a sprint. The best agency in the world is only as great as their media commotions, your strategy and how newsworthy the angle is at the time. Serendipity plays a big part in any […]
  • Thu 1st Jun 2017

End Of Financial Year: All the info you need!

First things first: How do I know if I need to pay GST? If you have a GST turnover of $75,000 or more from your business activities you will need to: register for GST include GST in the price of your taxable sales issue tax invoices for your taxable sales and obtain tax invoices for […]
  • Tue 30th May 2017

Finding Unicorns in Maslow’s Pyramid - Max Matthews

4 Guaranteed Tips to Finding and Developing Relationships with the ‘Right’ Influence –Max Matthews There’s a mindset in the marketing industry that ‘everything is for sale’. Want a million eyes on your Facebook post? Sure, that’ll be $15,687.71 Want to dominate the top ad on google search, every time? Easy, hope you’re happy to pay […]
  • Mon 22nd May 2017