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The Tailored jacket is an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe and it’s not just for the corporate woman.  The tailored jacket is a trans-seasonal piece and a very versatile piece that will last you forever if you choose the right one for you. I always advise my clients that it’s worth investing in a […]
  • Tue 25th Apr 2017

Presenting Like a Boss by Amber Daines

Delivering a memorable presentation is a skill everyone will need to master at some stage of their careers. Most people would rather avoid it, but once you know the tips and practice, killer presentation skills can make you truly stand out from your competition. As a seasoned speaker and former TV reporter, I have some […]
  • Mon 24th Apr 2017

JOB POSTINGS: All you need to know to secure the right talent!

Tips on attracting the right talent to your job With hundreds of creatives on the platform it’s so easy to connect with individuals who can turn the sparks of your ideas into raging fires that sweep around the world. All you have to do is post a job that outlines your vision then wait […]
  • Sat 8th Apr 2017

Husskie Editor Yelena Fairfax talks top tips for influencers working with brands

With social media marketing more prominent than ever before, questions are being asked regularly on not only best practice tips for brands wanting to work with influencers – but also on influencers wanting to collaborate with brands. Having worked with influencers for over seven years in her role as Editor at Bauer Media’s BEAUTYDIRECTORY, late […]
  • Mon 3rd Apr 2017

Keeping the Catwalk and Canvass Free From Loss and Legal Liability

Words by Geoff Stooke  The idea that Insurance could be uttered in the same breath as the creative world of art, fashion and modelling would be enough to cause outright consternation and raise more than one neatly plucked eyebrow. However, when there is a confluence of high public foot-traffic, physical interaction, proprietary brands, design and […]
  • Sun 12th Mar 2017

SHARE YOUR PROFILE // receive 1 month free!

We have an AWESOME new deal on at the moment where if you SHARE your profile on facebook you will receive a 1 month FREE pro account. Follow these simple steps to get this amazing deal sent straight to your inbox. Don’t forget a pro profile allows you to upload up to 100 of […]
  • Mon 13th Feb 2017

FASHION FRIDAY: Tips from model and blogger CHARIS U

Coco Chanel stated that Every Woman Needs At Least One Little Black Dress, however this rules applies to over three quarters of my wardrobe and I constantly find myself reaching for something black to wear over colour. I love the summer months and hate being cold above all else, but when it comes to fashion […]
  • Fri 10th Feb 2017