Check out our chat with Keira Rae, founder and creative director from Last Daze.

  • Thu 22nd Dec 2016


We took some time to chat to the ever talented Keira Rae, founder and creative director from Last Daze. Check out this behind the scenes video shot by TRF’s Amath of one of Last Daze’s latest editorials featuring talent from TRF. To see the final editorial click here.







MODEL //Jacqui Heeney

Tell us about Last Daze

“Last Daze is an online editorial platform that produces exclusive content from both in-house production and submission based from across the globe. We tell stories through carefully curated beautiful imagery that we hope inspires our audience and genuinely connects with them.”

What are the top 3 things you can recommend to a photographer who would wants to get their submissions noticed?

“To be included in Last Daze, I look for a few things. We live in a digital age which is oversaturated with content. With all the noise, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter or choose to follow the pack in hopes of getting noticed. Originality and authenticity go a long way for me. 

 So for me, a successful submission to Last Daze needs:

// A sense of reality. I’m done with influencer selfies, and posed over saturated, hectic photoshopping. To me, magic happens in those moments in between, in fact that’s on all my briefs. Real moments, with real people. While I can appreciate and have love for that style of photography, it doesn’t have a home at Last Daze, I don’t go to the beach rocking a smokey eye and Victoria’s Secret curls, and I don’t believe that a vast majority of people do, maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not pulling out a curling iron to get my tan on anytime soon ;

// Narrative. An editorial must have a story. It’s our mantra “Everyone has a story to tell” I want to know who the girl is I’m looking at, what is she doing, what’s going on into this world I’m looking at. To be able to captivate an audience and draw them into a different world that you have created, that to me is genius and pure talent. If your photos look like everyone else’s posed, VSCO edited, lingerie insta moments, then you’ve already lost me. That’s not a story, thats a promotional shot.

// Something inspiring. We receive countless submissions daily, I can sit through hundreds and say yes to two. I want to be inspired by what I see, If I’m not, then why would our audience be? I would love for more people to have faith in their vision and have the guts to say, fuck this isn’t what everyone else is doing, but this is what sets my soul alive. It may not be for Last Daze, but it will be true to you.

// A moment without “shock” tactics. There’s always a “moment” in every amazing story, if you’re lucky there’s a couple. I need a story to have a moment where for at least 2.5 seconds I forget about everything else in the world except for the image I’m staring at. How wonderful that you can create something that allows people to escape their lives for a moment and breathe. We do this in what I believe is a beautiful way. It’s actually my favourite thing to hear about Last Daze, that it’s beautiful. Because to me reality, society perceived flaws, blurred lines and those moments in between is beauty. While yes there is a place for cheap shots and easy fast gratification (through nudity and explicit scenes) that’s not what Last Daze is about, and will never be about. Anyone with access to a camera can take a photo of a female naked in a suggestive manor and get an audience response, that’s not brilliant or inspiring to me. It takes true talent to get that same response for female wearing clothes….and if I’m honest, the response is usually even greater.

How did you go using platform, do you have any feedback?

Super easy! Our audience is predominantly US based, this is the first time we’ve shot in Sydney so it made it super easy to have find talent and find the right talent for Last Daze. We would have been screwed if we didn’t have this haha. Thank you Right Fit, you were a gateway to Aussie talent for us. 

A little bit from Keira about herself…

What does it really mean to combine fashion and story telling?

I think the two go hand in hand to be honest. When you look at an inspiring fashion collection, someone didn’t just go OK yeah I’ll knock out 10 pieces and I’m done. It takes couples hours of inspiration hunting, research, sourcing….all to create a story through the clothing. When I look at a collection, or brand to align Last Daze with, that’s a key thing I look for. What is the narrative of the brand, what’s their story and how can I honor their vision and story. I get frustrated with the lack of respect through influencer selfies and styling that does not fit the brand at all. So much love and passion goes into creating a fashion collection we are both story tellers, one does it with clothes while I do it with photography. The two should dance effortlessly hand in hand

Who are your favourite stylists and photographers and why?

You know it changes all the time. and it does because what I am inspired by is constantly changes. My mind never shuts off, one of my photographers refers to me as the nocturnal one because I don’t sleep all that much, i am constantly on that inspiration drive to be inspired and to stumble across something that stops my ever racing mind. Anyone who has the guts to do their own thing inspires me. If I wanted to see a Purienne photo, I would go and look at Henrik’s work, I don’t want to see it from 50 other photographers. we all know what a girl holding a glass bottle looks like now when shot on a Kodak camera 😉

Last Daze is shooting their next round of editorial content very soon! So keep your eyes peeled on the platform for their next casting call!


  • Thu 22nd Dec 2016