• Fri 17th Feb 2017

We spoke to the stunning Lavinia White this week for our talent interview! This blonde beauty has a wealth of experience in the industry and continues to impress us with her can-do attitude. Not only is she a beautiful model but a professional actor and influencer with an outreach of over 14k! Her positive outlook on life has booked some INCREDIBLE jobs through us! Check out her answers below!


How long have you been in your field of work for?

I have been acting since I was 16, and modelling for three years now. 

What do you love most about it?

I have to say, the fact that my hours are rarely 9-5pm, is one of my favourite things about the industry. That being said, the thing I love most about my work is that each day is completely different to the previous. I always get to play a different character or wear different clothes, and am always meeting new people. 

How did you hear about theright.fit

Through Taryn :). 

What’s one product you can’t live without? 

I am loving Sunescape tan. I much prefer fake tan rather than overexposing my skin to the sun!  

What do you love most about being apart of theright.fit? 

I love being able to manage myself. Talking directly to the clients has been really great for me, because not only can I explain why I believe I suit their listing, but it’s also great to receive feedback on the work I have done. 


Favourite job so far you’ve booked through us?

My favourite job was probably the All I Sea website shoot. It was such a great team. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be?

I am currently in Bali and loving it! So I would probably stay here a little longer if I could! 

Any advice for aspiring talent?

The clients are looking for someone to hand them exactly what they want, so don’t be shy! 

If you could describe theright.fit in one word what would it be?


How do you take your coffee?


iPhone or Samsung? 


Dogs or Cat’s

Dogs, although cats are adorable, I am VERY allergirc 🙁 

  • Fri 17th Feb 2017