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Pound Paws Charity Social Media Shout out

  • Talent type: 15x Female & 15x Male Influencers

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  • Wed 20th Apr 2016 - 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM
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I am looking for some animal lovers who would be interested in promoting Pound Paws to their online following.

Pound Paws is a charity that re-homes dogs & cats in pounds across Australia. We have been operating off social media for the past year and we have now got our website ready to launch!

The website will have an online search engine on it, which allows users to search for their dream pet, via 'breed / age / size / lifestyle match'.
It is user-friendly, with a log in option - allowing users to add certain pets to their 'favourite' list, or share with their friends.

We want to make the overall adoption process easier - by making pets in Australian pounds accessible online.

For every adoption made on Pound Paws, we will be sending out a Happy Adoption Pack in the mail to the new owner & their pet.
The Happy Adoption Packs include lots of different goodies ranging from; Official New Owner Certificate, Pet Treats, Pet Grooming Care, Discounted De-sexing Vouchers, Complimentary Vet Consultation and much more! We want to reward people for choosing to adopt instead of shop :)

Pound Paws also promotes all the amazing work that the rescue groups / pounds do - and have visited each of these places and provided them with complimentary photography + videography, with an aim to promote them in a positive manner to the Australian public.
A lot of people are too scared to visit pounds / rescue centres as they feel it will be to emotional / scary, this has resulted in many people just buying pets off Gumtree (which can result in supporting Puppy Farms / Backyard Breeders - which is a no, no!)
If we can break this stereotype view towards the pounds / rescue centres, then we can increase more of a flow into the pounds / rescue centres.

Our website is due to launch on Wednesday the 20th at 6pm.
There will be an online competition running on the night of the launch, where lots of prizes will be available to win, for those who head to www.poundpaws.com.au and sign up!
Prizes range from;
• Overnight stay at a hotel with a pet & their owner,
• Professional photo shoot with pet & owner,
• Blackmore Paws Vitamin Hamper Pack and much more!

Unfortunately we can't offer any renumeration for this social media post as we are a start up charity, but each post will make a world of difference for each pet waiting for a new owner in pounds across Australia.

A social media post can range from a selfie with you and your pet, or you can contact us if you would like an image of a pet in the pound (we have plenty!). Feel free to get creative with it, but our main aim for the post, is to encourage people to head to the www.poundpaws.com.au website and sign up! :)

We really appreciate your involvement and passion for animal welfare! :)

Thanks for joining the #PoundPaws movement!

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions: info@poundpaws.com.au

  • 15x Female & 15x Male Influencers
  • Contra posting
  • Unpaid per talent
  • Wed 20th Apr 2016 - 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM
  • 1 day work - 1 hours total
  • Tue 12th Apr 2016 - 05:17 PM