5 minutes with personal trainer Scott Reynolds

  • Wed 24th Feb 2016

With the summer in full swing, we wanted to know the go-to workout moves  and how to keep motivated during training. So, we took 5 with Scott Reynolds from Peak Altitude Training and Functional Intense Training (Sydney based) to find out more!

Tell us, what is Peak Altitude Training and Functional Intense Training all about?

I specialise in hypoxic training which is more commonly known as altitude training. My main business is making my clients fit and more efficient with their oxygen utilisation in their body. This training is very popular with anyone who has little time to train. I also have a training studio where I really love to show my clients how to train functionally and with good technique.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

A good trainer will always put their clients first. So my biggest accomplishments are them reaching their goals and having them perform and win at their races, sports or climbs! Personally I have set myself a big task next year involving me, a road bike and 5000km of America. Check out RAAM for more info!

Do you have a favorite saying that inspires you to keep motivated?

I really believe in passion. To be the best, you need to dream, think, live and love it. Passion is what drives us, without this, we are just looking at the clock, wishing our life away. Find your passion. You can’t fake this emotion

Spill it, what’s one workout we should all be doing this summer?

High Intensity is so common these days. But they always feel rushed or you’re racing against the clock. On my off days, I choose an endurance or a longer activity. Going for a trek at the Blue Mountains or a bike ride to somewhere you haven’t been before. Make it a mystery!

What are your top fitness tips for models wanting to improve their fitness?

  1. Enjoy your training
  2. Be consistent
  3. Show Discipline

Facebook:  Scott Reynolds

Instagram: @scott__reynolds

Website link: www.peakaltitudetraining.com.au or www.fit-aus.com.au



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  • Wed 24th Feb 2016