5 Things Every Model Needs in Her Bag

  • Wed 17th Feb 2016

Just one day alone in a model’s life can be filled with casting calls, fittings, photo shoots, interviews, and not to mention finding time in between to work out and refuel. While we wish we could prep for every situation, that’s not possible unless you have the magical Mary Poppins’ tote bag.

Prioritising is key and what you decide to hold close to you throughout the day says more about you than simply “just in case”. What you choose to take with you says a lot about your confidence and attitude in decision-making, and believe me, these things are noticed (and appreciated) by the right kind of people.

So on top of your up-to-date portfolio and comp cards, this is the checklist to memorise.

  1. #nofilter kit

As much as we wish we could say “I woke up like this,” that seems to only work for Her Majesty Queen Bey. For the rest of us, it’s BB crème, a spot of concealer (which is only applied when truly required), lip balm, mascara, Moroccan oil and face wipes. These things were made to enhance your natural beauty and to give your complexion the right amount of extra glow.


Model: Bronte Leghissa

  1. Water supply

One bottle to drink, one bottle for the face. Before you raise an eyebrow, hear us out. It’s recommended that we drink 8 glasses of water a day. It’s also hard to keep up when you’re on the move. So grab a filtered water bottle (we recommend the Bobble) and it’ll become your best friend. Next, the one for the face. You may not realise how tired your face and body can become after a long day. We all need something to help us refresh before we enter another casting call so before you walk in, take a deep breath and spray on some face mist. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel (and look). Our tip? Try the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray.

Water splashing into glass

  1. Digital backup

Because we live in a digital world, and we are all digital, girls. The industry works fast. Schedules and locations can change so don’t be stuck without access to Wi-Fi, or worse, a dead battery. Portable chargers now come in the tiniest of sizes, as do portable modems. Need we say more about this one?


  1. Pen to paper

Almost everything is digital these days, but keeping a diary with you will come in extra handy for writing down names, ideas, and thoughts etc. There’s something beautiful and appreciative about the old-school pen-to-paper method, it shows the people around you that they are worth more of your effort and time.



via: joevleather.com

  1. Downtime device

The day can get hectic so when you do find yourself a little downtime, make sure you switch off and give yourself a little break before you need to snap back to business. A current favourite novel, a relaxing colouring book, music, whatever it is, know when to take five and relax.


via: elle.com


Every successful model requires a good pair of strappy heels (no wedges), jeans and a t-shirt. These essential items come in handy when going to castings. It also makes you look professional on jobs.

Tick list:

  • Nude pair of underwear
  • Strapless nude and black bra
  • Plain white or black top
  • Black or dark coloured denim jeans
  • A pair of nude and black coloured shoes
  • White sneakers

One last note, your bag is as important as everything else in it. Keep it professional and suited to your style and personality. Nothing old and tatty, first impressions count. Not all of us can indulge in the creations by Miuccia or YSL, but as long as you look out for classic details, good structure, clean stitching and something that says fashion with function, then you’re on the right track. One more thing, avoid neon, even when they say it’s a current trend.



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  • Wed 17th Feb 2016