Beauty Goals: Melissa Robinson Test Series

  • Tue 4th Oct 2016

When it’s the long weekend, professional photographers get their creative juices flowing! Booking in four models for her annual test shoot session, Melissa Robinson aka Forever Seen Photography shares her beauty and hair goals with us.
Check out the results here…


theright.fit_blog_melissarobinson_Flo1 theright.fit_blog_melissarobinson_Flo2 theright.fit_blog_melissarobinson_Flo3 theright.fit_blog_melissarobinson_Flo4
theright.fit_blog_melissarobinson_Abbey1 theright.fit_blog_melissarobinson_Abbey2 theright.fit_blog_melissarobinson_Abbey3 theright.fit_blog_melissarobinson_Abbey4Work with our creative talent!

Photographer // Melissa Robinson[email protected]

Model // Emily Kate Johnston[email protected]
Model // Ellie Giddings[email protected]
Model // Abbey Lee Stockwell[email protected]
Model // Flo Tarpinian[email protected]

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  • Tue 4th Oct 2016