Blys: Uber for Massages

  • Fri 22nd Jul 2016


Massage On Demand. What more could a busy person need?

We love your business concept – tell us how you started?
Blys is a new on-demand massage service recently launched in Sydney.
“There was a gap in the market – our clients don’t ‘have time’ to ‘make time’ for their health, massage being one of the naturopathic methods to maintaining your body’s health and equilibrium. So we created a company to service that demand. We offer professional massages with the best mobile massage therapists in Sydney – delivered to your home or hotel in as little as an hour. Think of it like uber for massages.

They boast certified practitioners, thoroughly vetted by Blys. With a seamless 60-second online booking process making it a sashless and secure payment for added security and convenience.”

How did you hear about + how you went about selecting your influencers? 
We came across when we were searching for influencers and bloggers that we wanted to collaborate with. As a young startup, the key for us was to have access to top talent as fast as we can – without going down the traditional channels like PR agencies which can be too costly and time-consuming. made sense for us – we posted a couple of jobs up on their site (in fact did this on the go from mobile), and got responses almost instantly.
How to book your massage: 
Book online
Choose your therapist listed + the type of massage you want:
Here’s some feedback from influencers:
I absolutely loved the service getblys provided. Massage therapist was extremely professional and gave a great strong massage which I requested. Having the flexibility of the therapist come to my home was beyond amazing as I was able to relax in my own home and not have to worry about driving somewhere, parking, and getting uncomfortable after my amazing massage. I will definitely be using these guys again and highly recommend to anyone needing an amazing massage!

My first massage was a lymphatic drainage type massage – because I had been feeling very unbalanced and bloated, with my head feeling very cloudy because of my allergies.  This type of massage has a very light pressure, but it helps stimulate the lymphatic system, effectively boosting the removal of waste products in the body and helping to clear the head. My second massage was a medium-pressure remedial massage because my muscles had been sore from boxing and then having to sit still all day to finish assignments. This was honestly the BEST massage I have ever had, and I will be booking in regularly with Bernadette – she has magic hands and really gets in to work out all your sore spots – heaven!
~ Lauren Vickers

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  • Fri 22nd Jul 2016