Doing it all: breaking into teen modelling with Tia Naris

  • Fri 18th Dec 2015

Take it from us, modelling can get seriously busy at times. Pack on top of that school, sport, being a school leader, surf lifesaving…(just to name a few). Factor in some social events wherever there’s space and you have a very full schedule. Teen model Tia Naris somehow manages to do it all (and with flying colours!).


We have many teenagers asking us about what it’s like to be a model and how they get into it. Television programs often show a very romanticized version of the modelling industry; daily photoshoots, fun castings and even meeting celebrities. Yes it can be like this, but it also requires alot of hard work, commitment and more importantly, passion.


Well, as Tia proves, modelling requires a lot of juggling with your calendar, oozing passion & a very amazing mum to do all the driving. But the main thing is to have fun with it. Like anything you do it in life, if you do it with love it will never be hard work. We asked Tia a little about her experience with modelling so far and what she likes to do in her spare time…


Right now I’m listening to…
I use Spotify and have some favourite playlists; Top Hits, Mood Booster, Summer Vibes, Weekends + Friends & the Discover Weekly (which I love because it picks out new tunes for you!).


My wardrobe consists of…
Everything! The perks of being a teenager. Depending on my mood I usually wear a bit of Boho, play suits, 3/4 jeans, swimming costumes in the summer. I like to keep it simple and then throw in a statement piece. I found alot of inspiration from Topshop while I was shooting for their online content and was able to collect amazing pieces I.e. a beautiful wool coat, skirt, simple pieces. I love boho and clean cut styles which is perfect for wearing to castings. You want to keep it simple but also show your personality.


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My favourite job to date would be...
Topshop and Girlfriend Magazine.


Words to live by…
Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. Two things I never want to end up saying: might have and should have.


What I’ll be doing this summer…
Enjoying time with friends and family at the beach and also fulfilling my hobbies of singing, dancing, making art, and lifesaving at the beach.


Best advice in your modelling career…
Ignore the boo’s as they usually come from the cheap seats.


What’s your favourite thing about modelling industry…
Meeting and being inspired by so many hardworking creative people and also the factor of amazing locations for shoots


What do you want to do when you finish high school….
I’d love to further my acting and modelling career and I want to also get a degree in business, media and communications.


Here’s some to things to keep in mind if you are a teenager starting out in the industry:
1. Be patient. Gaining experience takes time. There may be alot of kickbacks at the start, but if you persist and keep yourself engaged with the industry then the work will come.
2. Be prepared. You need to be prepared to give up your time. This is both for attending castings, jobs and developing your experience.
3. Portfolio. Every model needs one. Make sure you do your research with photographers before investing in new images. You need to shoot with a photographer that suits your style and who also isn’t charging an arm and a leg. Check out some of the incredible photographers on Their portfolio is the best indication on whether to work with them or not.
4.  Keep informed. That means both for you and the people around you. Keep your parents and your school in the loop with your ambitions. Also, do your research on the latest events & news in the industry.

Always be professional, on time, and co-operate with the clients to help achieve their vision.

Above all, have fun!



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  • Fri 18th Dec 2015