Campaign Gold: Check out our babes shooting the GOLDI Campaign

  • Fri 5th May 2017

The Brand: Goldi

An athleisure brand setting the golden standard for athleisure brands everywhere. That’s what GOLDI has achieved with their latest campaign involving 6 beautiful models from The campaign involved a half day e-commerce style shoot followed by a street style-esq shoot.

The Look
Ensuring the models aligned perfectly with the brand was essential. The client wanted models who were fit and toned, who could promote the brand confidently. The editorial/street style side of the shoot was a look that indicated an untamed, strong, independent, powerful and very much an individual woman, comfortable in her own skin who oozes style and confidence.

The Talent
With having a wide range of talent in all categories, there was no doubt we would be able to find a diverse range of gorgeous models who could take part in the shoot. Erin T, Lauren V, Bhavna S, Stephanie S, Em M, Emily D and Megon N all brought something different to the shoot with their professionalism creating an outstanding campaign.

Check out the photos below and don’t forget to head to our Facebook page for more!


Talent // Stephanie S | Bhavna S | Erin T


Talent // Bhavna S


Talent // Erin T


Talent // Lauren V


Talent / Em M


Talent // Lauren V


Talent // Megon N


Talent // Stephanie S


Talent // Emily D

  • Fri 5th May 2017