CARNIVAL OF APPINESS: Celebs + VIP Flock to El Topo for Peppermayo Mobile App Launch

  • Fri 16th Sep 2016

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Immersed in youth culture and vibrancy, has established themselves in the fashion world as an exciting young fashion and lifestyle retailer, and last night the 14th of September, they celebrated the launch of their mobile app at the Peppermayo carnival of appiness party for celebs and VIP, at El Topo Mexican in Bondi. 
Our friends at Portobello PR reached out to Influencers on to celebrate the launch of the Peppermayo Mobile App for a Mexican themed ‘carnival of appines’ night at El Topo. Famous DJs Dena Amy and Hayden James played live DJ sets to a room packed full of celebrities, VIP and fashionistas who danced the night away.  

VIP Guests at the event the event included Danny Clayton, Keira Maguire, Bec Chin, Zilda Williams, Caroline Groth, Kristian Schmidt, Ricci Guarnaccio, Tori Wade, Fely Irvine and Jai Waetford. 

Georgia Wright owner of Peppermayo took to the Mic before Haydens exclusive set and said “Thanks so much to everyone for coming, we are so excited to be taking the next step in the Peppermayo journey with the launch of our app, and celebrating this huge party with all of you means the world to us!” 

Guests were treated to coconut margaritas and the best Mexican food in the East thanks to El Topo Mexican. The event was also sponsored by Coors and Canadian club 
Swipeby is a fun new way for shoppers to browse and shop, and uses a Tinder style swipe to browse and shop system with a swipe yes or no to buy now design. With the Peppermayo App’s enhanced filtering system, shoppers can see products they want to see or just get immersed in Peppermayo’s catalogue of over 5,000 products pushed randomly to their fingertips.
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  • Fri 16th Sep 2016