Golden Grind: Model, Photographer, HMUA Casting Success!

  • Mon 21st Nov 2016


Golden Grind is a startup business that creates perfectly proportioned, unmodified turmeric blends that will make you feel Golden from the inside-out.

Sage, co-founder of Golden Grind posted 3 key briefs to advertise and launch their new flavours.

  • 3 models to star as the face of their new Golden Grind flavours
  • Photographer to shoot Golden Grind campaign
  • Makeup Artist to work with photographer and models

When all the assets were produced, co-founder Sage, also created an influencer event to increase reach and awareness, and to further syndicate assets that were created for the campaign. By doing this, she was able to help seed her marketing and advertising collateral into mainstream markets. A smart move, as it’s one of the most cost effective ways to stay relevant after your newly created campaign assets have been unleashed to the public.

The campaign results and the testimonial are golden!

Testimonial// Sage, Co-founder Golden Grind

“We are a startup business and wanted to execute an amazing campaign, although on a tight budget. Through TheRight.Fit we were able to source a photographer, makeup artist and 3 extremely professional and experienced models without breaking the bank. We were so incredibly happy with how easy the platform was to use and the overwhelming amount of responses we had for each role. We couldn’t be more trilled with the outcome – a professional campaign that will help us take our business to the next level.” Sage, co-founder

img_1719 img_1695 img_1621

Golden Grind Coconut & Cacao //Sheridan S

Review // Sheridan was amazing – so wonderful to work with and photographs so beautifully. Incredibly experienced model! Would definitely recommend.


Golden Grind Chilli // Gabriella S

Review // Great to work with – absolutely stunning and great with direction. Just nailed it.


Golden Grind Turmeric // Beza M

Review // Amazing to work with. Great energy and enthusiasm. Would shoot with her again in a heartbeat!


Photographer // Mark S

Review // Amazing to work with – great vision and motivation. Such a passion for what he does.

HMUA // Allira T

Review // Such a talented artist. Professional, amazing to work with, and great with taking our direction and executing it perfectly. All 3 models smashed out in a relatively short amount of time, and they all looked stunning! img_0987 img_0891 img_0656 img_0384 img_0160img_0506

Work with our creative team…

Models // Sheridan S + Gabriella S + Beza M

Photography // Mark S

HMUA // Allira T




  • Mon 21st Nov 2016