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  • Mon 19th Sep 2016


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Polished-Man-Ambassador-2016-5 Polished Man is an innovative fundraising campaign that challenges men to paint one nail throughout October, to represent the 1 in 5 children that experience violence globally.

Polished Man engaged with Influencers to help create social change and increase awareness around the globe.


YOU can join the Polished Man movement by painting one nail throughout October, raise funds, raise your voice and actively commit to ending violence against children. The platforms for your contribution are infinite; social media, blogs, personal networking etc.

For the lads // I am a #polishedman
For the ladies // I prefer a #polishedman
For all // My dad is a #polishedman

See what our #polishedman Influencers have created here…

theright.fit_PolishedMan_Philip theright.fit_PolishedMan_Shane theright.fit_PolishedMan_Xavier


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Male Influencers 

Warren Pasi // Michael Le // Philip Bottenberg

Jack Jacob // Nick Thorogood // Paul Riley

Justin Savage // Hayden Wilson

Female Influencers

Kate Johnson // Ella Zampatti // Bonnie Fahlstrom

Rosie Luik // Mary Bilal  // Anabelle Spinoulas

Silvia Kramska // Tayla Deane


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  • Mon 19th Sep 2016