Getting messy with ARLO BLAK //

  • Fri 16th Dec 2016

Uncovering the magic of activated coconut shell charcoal, the team at ARLO BLAK strive to inspire good health and beauty, with a product which is not only good for you but also environmentally and vegan friendly.

Born in Sydney, Australia and made from 100% natural ingredients, ARLO BLAK is chemical free with no hidden nasties.

This beauty hero helps to whiten teeth, prevent plaque build-up, purify the skin, cure a hangover, detoxify the body and much more. ARLO BLAK is a must have product with infinite possibilities for your daily health and beauty regimen. It will make you wonder what you did before discovering activated charcoal.

 Check out our gorgeous models featured in this fun ARLO BLAK shoot. 


arlo-blak_3   arlo-blak_6


arlo-blak_8    arlo-blak_big4

Models //

Alexandra T
Monique B
Sophie Ella A 
Emmaliana D
Sarah S

Makeup // Elyse Amy

Styling // Alex Lawson

Photographer // Trevene Patrick

Here’s what the lovely Alex Lawson had to say about enables you to promote your brand without breaking the bank!

When you have nurtured a brand that you love, it would seem pointless to skimp on the final product shoot. Therefore I knew that I couldn’t cut corners on quality of my models. They are after going to be the face of my brand and would be the consumers first impression of ARLO BLAK. Also when launching a business it is vital that you set the tone of the brand from the get-go. So instead of positing on TFP sites I went straight to

What is so good about is that it has an abundance of beautiful models that don’t come at a huge cost. Being a start-up business without any big budgets, it was great that I was able to set a brief, a budget and then have girls apply for the job. The other thing that was great is that I was able to post the job overnight and choose the models for the next day’s shoot. Where else can you do that?

All the models were very professional and were the perfect image of the ARLO BLAK babe. I couldn’t be happier with the results and would definitely use all the girls again – and of course!

  • Fri 16th Dec 2016