#GirlMagOnline: Elevation of the Heart feat. Brooke Morehead

  • Tue 27th Sep 2016

“You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you are.” G.I.R.L is for every kind of girl, self love, for dancing in the rain, writing poems, kissing & making dreams come true. Girl Mag Online’s latest issue “Elevation of the Heart” features theright.fit Model Brooke Morehead, HMUA Cherry Chung with Photography & Styling by Zara King.

See the results…

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Work with our creative talent:

Model // Brooke Morehead @brookemorehead
Wearing her #crueltyfreebeauty lip gloss by Kate Johnson[email protected]_

Makeup Artist // Cherry Chung @cherrycheungmakeup

Photography & Styling // Zara King @zarakingphotography

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  • Tue 27th Sep 2016