Need help finding the perfect model!? We can help! // Check out this perfect match with POPPY F for Sports Luxe

  • Wed 29th Mar 2017

Getting photos back like these ones goes to show how incredible the finished product can be when you find the right fit (pun intended) for your job.

The models on our platform are all incredibly professional and experienced, just like POPPY F who received a 5 star rating for her professionalism on the day!

With our wide range of models we have no doubt you’ll be able to find the PERFECT fit for your next campaign.

Check out the amazing photos below shot by our talented NURA S


Check out the feedback Poppy received from the lovely clients about her professionalism:

“Our team was super excited to book Poppy as she had the edgy look that fit perfectly with our brief. She was professional and very prepared for the day. From the first shot till the end she continued to give me all the angles which really helps me as the photographer; instead of having to direct her every move, I only needed to fine tune her position. We were able to get more outfits done then expected because of how quickly she was able to nail the looks.

It was also a really hot day, so she was a trooper. “







Stylist: Emma Marino
HMUA: Courtney EunSoo

  • Wed 29th Mar 2017