GAME CHANGER: How is Different to a Modelling or Acting Agency?

  • Mon 4th Jan 2016

So you’ve probably seen some incredibly beautiful imagery popping up from us lately and you’re wondering what it’s all about? Well, if you’re a model, actor, photographer, makeup artist, stylist, social media influencer, blogger and more… it’s the new community space to build your brand and your career. It’s pretty exciting, and YES, we certainly are excited.

This is a game changer. Modelling disrupted.


First things first: Yes that is the web address. No .com in sight.

It’s a website that directly matches talent with the most suitable jobs. It’s going to make things a lot easier, more streamlined and more efficient. It’s also going to get talent more work, and give clients more control & flexibility in their booking process, so everyone wins.


Let’s break this down a little further…

What it means for you as talent (that’s the models, actors, photographers etc):

Streamlined booking and management of each job, minimising agency fees and (you’ll love this) you’ll get paid automatically within 2 days of completing the job.
Looking at the bigger picture, it’s going to help you manage your own career, reputation and the amount of work you’ll be getting. The key to it is to build your rating by delivering on each job.

You are in control of what jobs you take on so you will have up front information on the total cost of the job! The ambiguity is gone.

What it means for clients:

Find a diverse range of talent with just one click. Ratings system & job history means you can trust who your working with, and the talent are motivated to build their careers and brands. You set the budget, and all the information & admin is managed in one easy place. No more waiting for agencies to get back to you. You are in control of who you like and who you want to use for your job.

In the same way Uber has changed the way we catch taxis and Airbnb has changed the way we book accommodation, is picking up the talent industry and giving it a hell of a shake.

It’s sleek, easy to use and will quickly become an essential part of your life.

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  • Mon 4th Jan 2016