How to build your 'model brand'

  • Mon 4th Jan 2016

Important tips would love to share to help YOU build your ‘brand.’

Use social media: The online community is thriving and will continue to do so. It’s a great time for you to build your reputation and brand image online. Create an Instagram account to display your modelling images and show the events you’re working at. Clients like to see you’re a working model in the industry.

Show respect: to the team you’re working with, to the client and the brand you’re representing at all times

Arrive to jobs on time: Come to every job 15 minutes prior to start time. This avoids you arriving stressed and frazzled. The client is more likely to book you time and time again for being timely and professional.


 Social media tips

Tips and tricks for the fast growing social media platforms:

  1. Keep your captions short: get straight to the point of what message your trying to get to your audience.
  2. Let’s keep the hashtags to minimum: pick out the main points in your post and highlight them with a #hashtag. You’re more likely to gain higher levels of engagement.
  3. Tagging: Tag away. The more you can share that one image, the better exposer for you. Tag clothing and accessory brands, products you use, locations/venues you’re at and people your with. This allows more potential for your image to get regrammed and gain more online exposure.
  4. Have professional online presence: Be careful with what you post. Avoid posting images that could hinder your chance of working with a potential client. Such as drinking images. Post images that represent you, your lifestyle and your passions.


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  • Mon 4th Jan 2016