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Yvette Le Blowitz is a Motivational Speaker, Wellness Coach, and a Qualified and Registered Fitness Australia Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Les Mills Instructor, who has been in the Fitness Industry for 20+ years. She is a Kind Loving Caring Soul who loves to give more than she gets and is a Charity Ambassador for the R U OK Day? to help raise awareness for mental illness and to prevent suicide in Australia & Worldwide.

Since Being Named one of “Australia’s Top 50 Influencers” What has Happened to Spa it Girl

The readers have personally been over the moon, so excited and delighted! I received an out pouring of love, support and thanks saying I deserved it after all my hard work. Starting Spa it Girl all on my own, it has now personally inspired others to also live their dreams.  I had so many other girls who are part of my global Spa it Girl community re-share the post, so excited that their founder had been named so it was a really exciting time! I have to admit my social media, phone, and email was going off and was out of control. Since then from being part of the My Deal Top 50 Influencer Awards and being named  as one of the top 50 not only do I have the badge that is proudly on the front page, I have already connected with like minded brands through the right fit and found brands and opportunities I never knew existed before.  I have also been inspired personally by the founder of, Taryn Williams, and it just fuels my belief that good things come to those who work hard.  So I totally encourage everyone next year to keep any eye out for when the awards are on again, because it truly is a wonderful event to be part of. I have more guest speaking events and I am sure for the rest of the year whilst I am still considered on of Australia’s Top 50 Influencers I am going to be run off my feet collaborating with those brands and who I think personally are



What Changes Have You Seen In the Media Since You First Started on-line blogging?

*In Australia Brands and Companies want to work directly with digital influencers and bloggers who are liked minded and on the same wavelength and mission and now thanks to this is finally possible in Australia due to the creation of their platform.  It now allows a much easier creative process to happen so instead of companies or influencers being bombarded daily with requests all you have to do is go to and choose the brands or influencers that they want to work with.

*Unfortunately the published magazine section in the news agency is shrinking from the high usage of social media and everything now being on our mobile phones. With so much being online the average consumer believes they have everything they need on their smart phone so why would they go out and pay for a magazine? I think for Aussie Magazines to stay relevant they need to start working with a wide range of digital influencers bring fresh new content it could be a win win for everyone, plus it’s always nice to find out about someone new. I personally am always sharing Q&A’s on Spa it Girl with other inspirational individuals and my readers love that it focuses on a wide range of inspirational people over just a few, regardless of what social media business they are in is also key.

*Going from me being the only one who was doing Spa it Girl reviews to having contributors and Spa it Girls from around the world that is now sharing their own personal thoughts.  Spa it Girl has grown so much that I couldn’t possibly get to every country – though I wish I could as I just launched in Asia last year and now in NYC/US. I have Spa it Girl insiders from around the world giving me the low down on the coolest spa or wellness spots – I never imagined when I wrote my first blog post this would be the case.

Now not only am I writing about my Go-To Wellness Tips but I am also becoming a Motivational Self Help Guest Speaker and sharing my tips with a real live audience and connecting face to face with my readers and other networks audiences.  Recently, I was a guest speaker of 3 alongside Erin Molan from Channel 9 and the co-host of the Footy Show and I loved it! This year I am doing more and more along with hosting my own Spa it Girl Wellness Events! Thanks to becoming one of Australia’s Top 50 Influencers I am getting even more guest speaking invites so it’s really exciting as I love Guest Speaking and Inspiring others to Feel Good Within.



What do you think the Future Holds For Social Media?
*Consumer’s needing a mini social media detox after being connected and bombarded with so many things to look at, watch or read.  There will come a point when people need to switch off and if you head to you can read about my own personal experience as a Blogger and when I went on a Digital Detox to Gwinganna.

* being the No.1 way of connecting influencers with brands. It takes all the guess work out and connects everyone in a really easy and efficient way ensuring quality content is created.

Live Videoing is definitely going to be in and I have been using it ever since it was opened up to everyone and not just the celebrities. I am sure it will only be a matter of time until Facebook will monetize ads on the videos and if they do I can’t wait because one of my recent Q&A’s about Raw Food has reached over 90K+ views globally – I now have a strong live events, video following!


What are some of the Global Social Media Trends you have discovered from your recent travels?
In Asia Brands don’t want to be represented by social media influencers that feature nudity, or have that sex sells appeal. Even though an influencer might have over 1 million followers on instagram and 20K+ likes per photo doesn’t mean it’s popular with high profile brands or businesses so what a consumer might perceive as popular on instagram to what business perceives can be two different things.

So I guess on the flip side for any Influencer in Australia the good news is don’t beat yourself up if you wear clothes and get 200 or 400 likes, it’s totally cool! Because unless you blog or want to sell bikini’s or lingerie or fake tan or fitness only brands that are now suited to those influencers will want to connect.  I know a lot of high profile brands in Asia who actually knock back influencers with 1million + followers because it all comes back to if the Influencer is the right fit not the amount of followers or likes an influencer has.  So focus on your own brand identity and being yourself then you will connect with those brands that are also the right fit for you.   Brands are looking at the whole package these day’s when it comes to being a brand ambassador not just what a person looks like, but what a person brings to this world other than just themselves so if you are helping others in whatever work you do!


What Do you Think is Key for Influencers Moving Forward?
To be your authentic self, don’t look towards anyone else, focus on creating your own creative content.  It’s not only going to help you stand out from the rest, it will help you build your own brand and identify and help define who you are and what you are all about. I have the same strong blogging vision and mission as day one so it’s important to know what you stand for and stick to it regardless of what anyone else thinks. Be yourself, focus inwards and create content from your own heart and soul.  Collaborate, I personally feature other Spa and Wellness Bloggers from around the world on Spa it Girl! Instead of working against each other we decided to all come together as part of my Spa it Girl Global Community. Working with others is way more powerful than just being out on your own and being in competition with everyone else who is liked minded.  Australia can be competitive at the best of times but moving forward if you work with other like-minded people including influencers you can achieve way more.

Always represent a brand or product because you truly love it not just for the money, readers, followers can see through this, I truly believe when you become a brand ambassador it doesn’t just stop after you post a photo holding up that product or giving them a plug you have to carry that brand and same passion well beyond the blog post so every time you want to make a decision go back to the question:  Could I talk about this brand all day every day? do I love it? If your answer is yes go for it! If your answer is no – then it’s not the right fit. Sometimes you have to be selective in order to grow long lasting relationship.  If you are a social media or blogger looking to make a quick buck it won’t last, whatever you write about or blog about has to come from the heart, there are plenty of times in the Social Media Game that you will find yourself working for free, weekends, day and night – unless it’s your passion, unless your creative source comes from within it won’t stick.

What’s Next For Spa it Girl in 2017?  

So what’s next for me in 2017? I will be featuring Taryn Williams from The Right Fit in a Q & A and sharing her Go-To Girl Boss and Skincare tips to help others.

I am really looking forward to connecting through The Right Fit with brands that are “The Right Fit” for Spa it Girl so we can collaborate together in the most real, fresh and creative way.

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  • Thu 6th Apr 2017