Jude Australia feat. Emma Jackson

  • Fri 15th Jul 2016


The Fisherman’s Daughter, by Jude

Featuring theright.fit Model Emma Jackson, the Jude Australia 2016 collection is now available online, just in time for the big chill across the country!

The Jude collection was inspired by winter days by the seaside. Bearded fishermen, their pelican pals cruising for scraps, wooden sail boats bobbing on the horizon. Having lived the seaside life for just about seven years now has made me love (really love) the usually unusual combination of winter and the sea. Serine whispers one day, bellowing roar the next. So, its time to rug up, step outside and feel that crisp air dance across your cheeks.
Join the fisherman’s daughter on a winter’s day by the sea.




More About Jude

Jude is a  knitwear label that evokes a wholesome and idyllic way of life; a world created by Ali Wanchap Wood, inspired by her wool-producing family heritage to design beautiful Australian made knitwear, using the finest quality Australian wool. Its time to bring good quality wool back into everyday life.


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Model // Emma Jackson

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  • Fri 15th Jul 2016