Kat The Label Lingerie Campaign feat. Christina Macpherson

  • Fri 12th May 2017

A clear day, a total babe and the most exquisite lingerie makes for the perfect campaign!

Kate Nixon, founder of Kat The Label contacted us after he previous success with working through theright.fit in search for a model for her next campaign. This time, it featured beautiful lingerie to be shot with a ‘desert’ theme (think vast sand dunes).

Tess Leopold captured the magic from behind the camera and brought Kate’s campaign dream to life with our gorgeous Christina Macpherson killing it in front of the camera!


Kate ‘s feedback on the shoot as well as her experience with theright.fit can be viewed below:

“I advertised on the Right Fit when looking for a model for my Autumn Winter lingerie range and had such a great experience, I will be using this process for all future shoots. 

Not only did I have very specific requirements and a limited budget, but I had over 60 amazing applicants for the position in a matter of two days. 

In the end I went with Christina because not only was she beautiful and the perfect fit but was willing to travel all the way from New Zealand for the shoot in Ballina, NSW (in a sand dune desert might I add!).

The process was quick and efficient and literally saved me hours reaching out through Instagram and then having to bargain with model agency’s who were going to charge so much extra for travel, rates, their fee, social media fees and limited use of the imagery after the shoot was over. 

The Right Fit had all the paperwork and legal stuff ready to go so I didn’t have to worry about any of that.

Thank you so much team for being available anytime I had a silly question! Felt like you were holding my hand the whole way through!”


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  • Fri 12th May 2017