#OwnTheFuture: Lonsdale London

  • Thu 18th Aug 2016

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Lonsdale London was looking for the ideal ‘face’ for their Spring 16 Campaign, and booked their campaign with theright.fit.

Lonsdale London’s ‘Own the future’ Spring Injection Campaign has become an urban inspired fusion of the two combining the comfort and familiarity of 90’s favourites such as the jogger track pant and futuristic styling created by the use of reflective prints, high shine mesh and athletic inspired paneling.


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Jonathan.N was the right fit, being “the Man” for their campaign; complimenting the profile of #fash-leisure and being more informed more by sub-culture than the catwalk. Jonathan epitomises the lifestyle of Lonsdale London; always on-the-go, often a sneaker enthusiast, listens to a lot of Hip-Hop and grime. Introducing ‘The Man’ and ‘The Lifestyle’ that is Lonsdale London…

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Own the future

“This was the first time I used to The Right Fit-  I was very impressed at how user friendly the website was and how easy it was to cast and book models.  Jonothan was a pleasure to work with, he knew exactly what he was doing and most importantly he gave options throughout the shoot. ” ~ Cam Antonio

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TRF Lonsdale

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  • Thu 18th Aug 2016