Making changes in leaps and bounds: Speaking with fitness professional Tamara Meyer

  • Tue 15th Dec 2015

Professional Personal Trainer Tamara Meyer is not only promoting a healthy body image for young women in Australia but she also highlights the importance of mental health awareness as well. She has been working along side Beyond Blue #BIGBLUEBASH initiative to do her part!

Tamara has an incredible back story that has her striving to get the most out of life and apply the same positive thinking to everyone she meets. She speaks to many women experiencing anxiety and self esteem issues and recognises that everyone faces hardships at some point in their life. Through her personal training and online blogging, she is educating her clients and wider audience about rising above it and becoming a truly happy individual. We asked her a couple of questions about how she plans on spending her warm summer days and what she’s most passionate about…


Right now I’m listening to…

Justin Bieber and Adele’s new album. Addictive to say the least!

My wardrobe consists of…

Nike, Lorna Jane, Adidas, upside…more Nike…more Lorna Jane… (I have a sportswear problem)

My favourite job to date would be…

Owner of my business TM FITNESS, training amazing people and helping them change their lives.

Words to live by…

When one door closes and other door opens.

What I will be doing this summer…

Training everyday and enjoying the summer sun! I live in such an incredible city.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your modelling career…

Work for your dreams each day, always network with people and surround yourself with positive like-minded people.

What’s your favourite thing about the modelling industry…

Working on photographic shoots is a fantastic way to meet likeminded people! Having your hair and makeup done is also an added bonus!



Want to help!? We thought you’d never ask. Help Tamara with her Beyond Blue #BIGBLUEBASH cause by visiting her Official Everyday Hero page, and donate what you can. Every little bit helps!

If you’d like more information on health, fitness, or book Tamara as your go-to Personal Trainer extraordinaire, visit her official TM Fitness website.



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  • Tue 15th Dec 2015