Men's Style with Jeff Lack

  • Sun 28th Feb 2016

There’s an overflow of Instagram accounts popping up with extremely handsome, bearded men with impeccable style. Stylist & blogger Jeff Lack is no exception to this with his disarming good looks, and he totally rocks the “man bun”. Men, take note: he’s one stylish guy.


His style is his life and he spends his days transforming the wardrobes of men around Australia, and giving them a sense of confidence makes it all worthwhile for Lack.

We caught up with him to talk about style and working in the industry.

The one item in my wardrobe I cant live without is…

Faded denim jeans.

My style is best described as…

That’s a tough one as I don’t sit in just one genre…it really depends on how I am feeling. I like indie/rock looks as much as I love my suits. For work, I mostly run an Italian Riviera look, which would always include a blazer and pocket square.


My favourite job to date would be…

On the snow in Wanaka, New Zealand, for the Air New Zealand Winter campaign – so beautiful and a fantastic crew.

Words to live by…

Love yourself first and then you will truly be able to love others completely.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your styling career?

Trust yourself! Comparison is the thief of joy!


What’s your favourite thing about the industry?

I work in a job I love, so it doesn’t really feel like work most of the time. I also love change and the industry provides me with something new every single day.

What’s your advice for up-and-coming stylists on how to get started?

You will have to work for free and it will take time. Find your unique selling point and articulate that through your social/online voice.


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  • Sun 28th Feb 2016