Model interview: Actor Alex Cubis

  • Sun 14th Feb 2016

When he’s not casually completing a University of Sydney Law Degree, you will find actor & model Alex Cubis residing between LA & Sydney working on the set of Rake Season 4, or working on an Aaron Sorkin show…or acting alongside Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender. 

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Suffice it to say the guy is accomplished. He’s one of the few that has to make the tough decision between excelling in too many fields. But we think he’s made the right choice and is charging his way through the entertainment industry with flying colours. And when he’s not busy doing all of that, you might just find him at the beach.

It’s always a tough gig starting out as an actor. If you don’t have the born drive & passion then your ambitions may quickly fall by the wayside. But Cubis maintains to never give up. And advice to newbies? always be the hardest worker in the room – whether it be in a class, for your agent, on a job, or in the audition room.

We’re excited to see him on and the many other amazing achievements he is undoubtedly going to accomplish! As Alex says, Visualise and believe, and you’ll achieve your goals.

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  • Sun 14th Feb 2016