Model life with Lauren Vickers

  • Tue 12th Jan 2016

It’s hard to look past a model like Lauren Vickers. Legs for days, a smile that sends anyone spinning and she’s also one incredibly business savvy individual. Did we mention she has 164K followers on Instagram? The girl knows her stuff.


She’s just returned to Australia from a 6-year stint in Europe. Mainly residing in France, Italy and Spain, Lauren says that her travels completely opened up her eyes to many wonderful experiences. “I was lucky enough to work steadily all around Europe whilst loving the history, culture and food. It’s definitely a different lifestyle when you’re not speaking your native language every day but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, it taught me so much!”


But it’s not exactly easy living in carbohydrate rich countries. Well, at least not for the average human who isn’t shooting in swimwear on a daily basis. Lauren says  “I love feeling strong and fit so working out about 4-5 days a week works for me – always doing something different whether it be HIIT circuits, boxing, running, yoga or Pilates. It helps me unwind and deal with any stress too.  I actually really enjoy a healthy, fresh diet, so I don’t watch too much what I eat. I love cooking and have a bundle of favourite recipes from my travels, so I usually make everything from scratch.” But as an advocate for a healthy body image and a healthy mind, she steers clear of the scale and bases her weight of how she fits her clothes and how she feels in general.


We asked her a little about her and advice for new models…

Your words to live by…

My grandmother always told me “It’s not the cards you were dealt, but how you play your hand.”


The best modeling job you’ve had to date…

I’ve been lucky enough to do what I love for 18 years now.  There are so many highlights but the jobs for overseas resorts that I get to travel with my friends and shoot, are the absolute winners.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your modelling career?

To not get caught up in the politics and gossip of the world, and that everyone has their own beauty.  These words resounded with me from one of my first modelling agents at age 12, and it helped to keep ‘me’ focused and level headed in a world that is filled with so many different opinions.


Whats the next big thing you have lined up?

I’ve just arrived back fresh from a 10-day overseas adventure, ready to tackle the new year head on. Hopefully lots of modelling work, some more TV and some more expansion is on the cards!


She’s signed with and you can view Lauren’s profile here.



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  • Tue 12th Jan 2016