Natural Enhancements

  • Fri 9th Dec 2016

Words by // Leonie, Pikaia Beauty

Meet Leonie, a country girl from Tasmania. She started commercial modelling at the tender age of 14, and was then scouted by a leading modeling agency, and flown to Sydney on an infinite modelling contract at the age of 21.

A whirlwind affair with the commercial modelling industry led Leonie back and forth from Europe, America, and Asia Pacific on long-haul flights, for big time campaigns with renown brands such as; Fanta (part of The Coca-Cola Company), Hilton Worldwide, Willow Lingerie, David Jones, Bendon Lingerie, Versace, and Boss.
Hard work, determination and knowing her target clientele, are some of the attributes that got her from working as a part-time makeup artist, to full-time international model. Leonie has since then created a whole new world in eyelash extensions.


  1. Lash extensions are great if you’re wanting them for the following:
    – One off thing for a big job/casting
    – Long term investment
    – To change your eye shape from droopy to more almond shape
    – Looking for natural classic set or naturally voluminous
    – A boost of confidence, no-one needs to know you’re wearing them, you’ll just look more
    fresh and awake
  2. Lashes are best for commercial models who: – Are a presenter on T.V / YouTube
    – Doing a lot of Bridal work
    – Feature a lot in commercials
    – Have a droopy upper eyelid – High-end catalogue work
    – Promotional work
    – Magazine covers
    – Modelling competitions – Special occasions

Best of all, this service can be claimed as a tax deduction. Remember to keep your receipt (chat with your accountant for more info).
Natural enhancements like eyelash extensions not only give you more confidence, but your clients will be thrilled that you take pride in your appearance, which will ultimately sell their products. They’ll keep on booking you!

Be aware! Yes, like with any industry, you’re going to get great and also not-so-great lash ‘specialists’. Don’t settle for second best, as this may come at the detriment of your image, self esteem and future work. Research who you want to lash you. All eyelash specialists should have a website gallery of their work and instagram feed or both, and this work should be showing up-close and detailed pictures of their quality.

Things to look out for when choosing a lash specialist:

  • Pictures of their work showing eye open, the lens looking up into the upper water line. This will show you if their style is clean or not
  • Clear before and after shots
  • Eyes closed shots
  • A video of the eye opening and closing looking up into the water line
  • Lashes should have a natural progression in length
  • They should look light and fluffy
  • Wearable
  • No visible signs of glue
  • Testimonials on their website/FB and Insta pages
  • A clean sterile lash room/clinic (sterilised tools, and new towel and head sheet for each and every client)

Avoid a lash specialist if they:

  • Rarely show eyelash pics, but often show pictures of things that they desire, like shoes.
  • This is a clear indication that they’re making their business about themselves and not about you (YOU are the most important one of all)
  • Show eyelashes that look like creepy crawly spiders
  • Show work that has no natural progression of length
  • Show work that is too long for the natural eyelash
  • Show work that is too thick for the natural eyelash
  • Don’t sterilise their tools between each and every client
  • Have a dirty, unsterile, or unprofessional lash room/clinic

All of this needs to be taken into consideration, as it’s not only your money that your handing over, but it’s your time and most importantly your health and wellbeing. Not to mention your income capacity as a model. Research your lash specialist and make sure they are the right fit for you.

Leonie at Pikaia Beauty is offering models that are on platform 10% off their first full Classic or Volume set. This is only for the month of December 2016, and bookings are essential here. Be quick, as spaces are limited, and the New Year is just around the corner.


  • Fri 9th Dec 2016