NEED IT NOW: Aesop. By Tammi Hendricks

  • Mon 22nd Feb 2016

There’s not much to say about this brilliant, home-grown brand, born in Melbourne in 1987. There’s much, much more, in fact.

If you are a believer in the healing powers of Aromatherapy (as I am) you’ll already know the pure bliss that comes from using Aesop’s wonderous array of oils, lotions, creams, gels and everything in between to comfort and re-energise the body, mind and soul. About 12 years ago I spent a rather long, dreary stay in hospital and Aesop Rind Aromatique Body Balm and Aesop A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser were my one and only requests to get me out of my malaise and renew my weary soul. You may have noticed a bevy of high-end retailers, hairdressers and gyms now offering Aesop as a staple fixture in their amenities.

Why? Because of its pure organic branding combined with a luxurious marriage of high-quality ingredients, unique and effective formulas. It’s that simple. Aesop doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. There’s method in the madness, with a poetic philosophy to accompany the product ranges. However, for this gal (a rather simple, easy to please mind if you will), I’m equally satisfied in the knowledge that I am delighting in pure, luxurious products that serve my addiction to beautiful beauty. There are only a handful of brands committed to educating their customers with a try-before-you-buy ethos and Aesop is one of them.

I love and appreciate the samples!!! Get down to your local Aesop boutique and try these amazing beauties. Completely free of chemical nasties (sulfates, parabens and all those unnecessary and drying additives and filler products), this is one pampering experience to change the way you see skin and body care for good. Now to the price.. Let me first just say that I am always an advocate for quality over quantity. Aesop uses premium ingredients to achieve a premium product that delivers. In that sense, the range is reasonably priced. Having said that, if you are a beauty buyer who swims in the Dove/Lux shower gel end of the pool, then these products may seem a little out if your financial depth, with cleansers and oils starting from around $35 for 100ml. Having said that, here’s a reason to explore new waters and try something a little more luxurious!

Aesop-protect-against-pollutionAesop do amazing gift packs and the products stand alone well (meaning you don’t need the whole set to have the desired effect).! Best of all, and as I said earlier, Aesop happily supply samples for you to try before purchasing. See what makes this Australian skincare story a staple in my household. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



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  • Mon 22nd Feb 2016