Saiilor Louek: A New Fashion Label Worth Fighting For

  • Thu 3rd Nov 2016

Introducing Saiilor Louek, 100% Australian made, designed, and produced.

Creator and artist Lukas D, came to us with quite the concise brief for his newly launched label.

“I want to tell my story through fashion in an abstract way. The Born to Fight collection, is my interpretation of life worked in the fashion industry for 5 years… that’s why there is fighting and battle undertones in each piece. To bring this to life, I needed a model that was athletic, tall and dark of skin.”

“I selected Philippe M from as he fit the brief and was so easy/professional at casting… and felt so comfortable.”

The results are worth fighting about!


Client // Saiilor Louek

Model // Philippe M

Photographer // +

Graphic design // Maurico Marquez

Designer // Lukas Donaldson

  • Thu 3rd Nov 2016