Tropicália: Bombshell Pia Herring for Bombshell Bay Swim

  • Mon 24th Oct 2016


Bombshell Bay have been designing swimsuits for a little while now, and before they enlisted the help of to find their ‘perfect fit’ to model their latest swim campaign…they shared a few little details on the brand. You can trust Bombshell Bay swimwear will always:

  • Use the finest quality fabrics available
  • Live by our motto “sexy without the skimp”
  • Create long lasting, happy relationships with our suppliers, stockists and of course our customer
  • Stay true to our core values of designing flattering, fashionable swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes
  • Never, ever include tropical fish motifs in our ranges. Ever.
  • Never test our products on underweight, under age models
  • Spend our spare time searching the globe for ultimate beach destination
  • Be thankful that our customers support us and allow us to have the best jobs in the world!
  • Build a range of fashionable functional active water wear for girls who don’t want to be plastered in brands

And we just love following their brand!


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To stay up to date with whats happening at Bombshell Bay check out their blog from time to time, or simply follow them on Facebook or Instagram to have the latest news delivered right to your news feed!


Work with our talent!

Model // Pia Herring

Image courtesy: Tony Mott @

  • Mon 24th Oct 2016