The Power Of Influencer Marketing // Reuban Ray Watches

  • Tue 4th Apr 2017

After posting a job on, the lovely accessories company Reuban Ray was put in contact with some influencers who loved their brand and wanted to help promote their new range of watches.

In return for one post, our influencers received a high quality watch worth $139 for their own stylish post!

With Mandy, Maximillian, Cassia and Zuzu having evident engagement on their instagrams their posts together reached an audience of over 250k people! An incredible reach that benefits Reuban Ray greatly by our influencers directing their audience back to their website!

Check out the photos below!


Talent // Mandy E


Talent // Maximillian M


Talent // ZuZu G


Talent // Cassia M

  • Tue 4th Apr 2017