• Sat 14th Jan 2017

Recently SNAPPD posted a job on looking for some models for their upcoming campaign.  Check out the pictures below of Tahlia M, Chantelle M and Drew D who we think did extremely well! Here’s what owner Mitch had to say about his experience with

“I’ve found my experience with The Right Fit’s platform so easy! I have absolutely no experience with booking talent, so it’s a massive relief that the right fit’s platform is super easy to use. I especially like the direct messaging system, and the ease you’re able to review the talent who have applied for the job. 

I wasn’t at the shoot, however my social media manager Jess Hopson said it was great fun and absolute quality! She said the models were awesome, easy going and completely nailed Snappd desired brand look and feel. Our photographer Lala Serrano, had the same feedback. “

We’re so happy with the results and are so glad Mitch and his company are too! It’s always important for us that our talent have a great time but that clients achieve exactly what they set out to. A special thanks to our gorgeous models for working so professionally.

Read a little more about SNAPPD below or check out their website here:

SNAPPD – The revolutionary new app that lets you sell from your very own wardrobe and buy from others all from the comfort of your own home (maybe in your track-pants, maybe not, we don’t judge) you can sell your clothes with ease.


  • Integrated Shipping // With the help of a courier picking up and delivering items you don’t have to worry about any aspect of the shipping process
  • Free Courier Bags // They’ll give you your very own courier bag to pop the items your selling into
  • The Fun of Social Media // Just like Instagram and Facebook you can connect with any user and like/comment/follow all their stuff. You can remain in the loop with some of your fave’s!
  • Integrated Payment // All payments are processed through the app itself so you know that it’s safe and secure. Payment is completed by credit/debit card and payments are received straight into your bank account. How EASY

With a chic, easy to navigate website and app you won’t miss out on SNAPPing up some of the best trends this season. Who says you can’t drink some wine from the comfort of your own home whilst simultaneously shopping or even better, SELLING!

Check out some of the official campaign shots down below:












Models // Chantelle M, Drew D, Tahlia M

  • Sat 14th Jan 2017