Styelle Bikinis: Meet the ethical Australian Swimwear Label

  • Mon 17th Oct 2016

Styelle Bikinis is a fresh and fabulous Australian swimwear label dedicated to ending child slavery one bikini at a time. After a successful collaboration with our talented members Lauren Vickers, Lyndl K, we catch up with Styelle owner Charys as she shares the importance of ethical fashion and how others can get involved.

Why did you start an ethical swimwear label?

Wow! So many reasons! Most important to me is the aim to abolish child slavery and unacceptable working conditions for the people of the world. The sort of thing that we take for granted in the western world is considered unheard of in poorer countries. Women are fired for being pregnant and made to sleep on the floors of dirty factories – not going home to their families for days as they are made to work for 20 hours a day to keep up with the fast fashion expectancies of today’s society. Not only women are exposed to this, but children also. People don’t realise what they are doing to our planet and its people. Quality garments not only bring you confidence and the wholesome feeling of wearing quality – but it gives back to the planet as it lasts longer and you don’t throw it away because you are aware of its quality and know that it always looks good on.

What were some of the reasons you chose to work with Lauren Vickers, Lyndl K, and Heidi H?

I chose Lauren Vickers and Lyndl as they both have very different looks and body shapes. Styelle Bikinis are versatile as well as sexy so it is important for me to relay this in the images. As an ethically sourced company, having Lyndl was extra amazing after her crowning of Miss Earth Australia – I booked her before her crowning – it was like the universe was working in our favour. Lyndl is so amazing, both outside and in – such a pure and giving heart. Having her and Lauren represent my brand is nothing short of amazing. Lauren’s on screen presence is unlike anything else, her beautiful soul is so real and it truly shows not only in her photographs, but also through her charity work. It makes me so proud to have kind and caring women represent Styelle. They are both so attractive and are so different, yet so much the same in so many ways.

Heidi was nothing short of incredible. Such an amazing human being, so talented, professional, selfless, caring and attentive in so many ways from start to finish. She really listens to direction and takes initiative in execution, maintaining along the way. I cannot wait to work with her again, we have actually become friends since the shoot. My photos turned out so much better than I ever hoped, I would highly recommend getting anyone and everyone!

What did you enjoy most about working with

What is not to love, the team is so professional from start to finish and beyond completion – and the whole team, all the way from models and photographer through to customer service and management. I will 100% use on my next shoot! It was like I was a part of their team and I still am.

How can others get into ethical fashion?

The best way is through the Ethical Fashion Forum There is an extensive amount of information in there and you can even contact them if unsure of something. There is so much available at your finger-tips with the Internet – it’s crazy not to look at what you’re buying – after all, it’s your hard earned money lining who’s pockets after all? Ask yourself questions like “Where did this come from?” and “What am I buying?” or “How can my small purchase make so much difference to the rest of the world, I am only one person?” The truth is, it makes all the difference! What is one then becomes many and forces the unethical companies to change their ways.

See more of her amazing campaign captures for Styelle…

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Meet the team

Client// Styelle Bikinis

Photographer// Heidi

Models// Lauren Vickers + Lyndl K



  • Mon 17th Oct 2016